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Wu Bangguo rumored to succeed Li Peng

Vice Premier Wu Bangguo was earlier rumored to fill Li Lanqing’s post as the senior Vice Premier, but now Wu is likely to succeed Li Peng to become Chairman of the People’s Congress. This means that Wu will rank only second to Hu Jintao, the future CCP head. Li Lanqing’s job will be taken over by Huang Ju, current Communist Party chief in Shanghai.

Li Ruihuan was once seen as the candidate for Chairman of the People’s Congress, sources say. Due to intensified “class struggle” in Beijing lately, however, Li has likely been forced to retire early at the age of 68, two years short of the age limit for membership at CCP’s Standing Politbureau.

Wu Bangguo, born in July 1941 in Anhui Province, was a Qinghua University graduate. He was once the Party chief in Shanghai, and first became Vice Premier in March 1995. Wu was the second director for the notorious Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River and is a close associate of Jiang Zemin, current CCP head.

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