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Liu Yunshan heads CCP's propaganda department

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[Beijing, PRC] In a fierce political juggling within China’s politburo, Liu Yunshan, widely seen as a key member of Hu Jingtao’s clique, is now confirmed to succeed Ding Guangen to become the new CCP’s Minister of Propaganda Department.

Liu is of Mongolian nationality and became member of the Central Committee at the 15th Party Congress. While Hu Jingtao headed the Communist Youth Committee, Liu was the Vice Secretary General of the Communist Youth Committee in Inner Mongolia and was closely associated with Hu, the expected successor to Jiang Zemin.

Liu later was promoted to the Department chief of Propaganda for Inner Mongolia and since June 1993 moved to Beijing to become Vice Minister for CCP’s Propaganda Department. Liu was a promoter of Jiang’s “Three Representations” theory and an active member in the so-called "anti-cult office" and "civilization office".

Sources say, the media circle is happy that Ding Guangen is gone, but also disappointed to see Liu take over the position, because of his role in press censorship. Insiders claim that freedom of opinion will not be expected to make any headway during Liu's tenure.

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