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AFAR co-sponsors China Forum at National Press Club

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[October 21, 2002] In light of the U.S. visit by China's President and the upcoming 16th Communist Party Congress in November, Association for Asian Research and Ethics & Public Policy held a symposium China Forum on October 21 at National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

China Forum was monitored by Dr. Fradkin, President of Ethics & Public Policy Center, and featured speakers from a range of fields. Mr. Russ Munro, Director of Asian Program at Center for Security Studies, spoke on China's security threat to the U.S., among other US strategic interests in East Asia. Dr. Eden Wang, an immunologist from the University of Washington at Seattle, addressed issues of AIDS and healthcare in China. Mr. Gordon Chang, acclaimed author of The Coming Collapse of China, highlighted the economic crisis facing China that is in transition toward a market economy. Ms. Claudia Rosset, Editorial Board Member of the Wall Street Journal, commented on stability issues in China. Erping Zhang of Association for Asian Research focused on issues related to human rights.

The Forum was attended by some forty audience members from think tanks, universities, as well as by members of the press club. Transcripts of speeches by this forum's panelists will be posted soon on this website.

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