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Over 9,000 high-ranking CCP officials missing

Early last month, Central Discipline Inspection Commission (CDIC), the Central Organization Department (COD), and the Ministry of Public Security circulated an internal notice that by the end of July 2002 over 9,440 high-ranking CCP officials were missing, had absconded, or had fled China. In response, the Public Security departments have issued over 6,275 ‘Wanted’ circulars.

The October 2002 issue of “Contends” magazine reported that CDIC and the Central Financial Working Commission circulated an internal notice on September 12. It stated that in 2001 the total capital carried by those CCP officials who fled China had reached USD $54 billion. By the midpoint of this year, that figure had already reached an estimated USD$ 30.5 billion for 2002.

Back in early May, CDIC and COD issued a notice demanding that high-ranking officials turn in their foreign passports and overseas residential certificates, which had been obtained through various abnormal channels. By September, high-ranking officials of different areas and governmental departments turned in over 7,500 foreign passports. These passports came from 32 nations; primarily, the US, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, and Spain. According to an investigation by CDIC and COD, approximately 15,000 to 20,000 CCP officials still hold passports or residential certificates to foreign countries. Thus, the number of people who have handed in these documents is relatively small. This investigation further revealed that over 200 officials are making preparations to flee the country, possibly to escape the consequences of their corrupt economic practices. Each of them possesses 2 to 15 foreign passports.

So, why flee the country?

Wei Jianxing, Commissioner of the CDIC, once said: “These degenerates are waiting for opportunities to flee to the West to spend their remaining years. Some among them fear that they would be exposed and criticized after the Communist Party falls from power; some fear that once China's political situation changes, it would be hard to flee the country; some fear that they would be investigated and prosecuted with severity after the new leadership takes the stage.”

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