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The longest bridge in Korea

South Koreaís Ministry of Construction and Transportation announced Thursday its plan to build two bridges, one connecting Ahnmyeon Isleond, Chungnam Province to Daecheon Beach, Boryeong, and the other connecting Byonsan peninsula to Gochang-fun. These will be the longest bridges in Korea with total lengths of 13.4km and 13km, respectively; currently, the longest bridge is Busanís Gwangan-daero with a total length of 7.4km. It is hoped that this project will accelerate the development of nearby coastal areas, which are lagging behind the rest of the country. Although the ministry has yet to decide on concrete construction methods or investment terms for the two coastal bridges, the cost of building a single bridge is expected to top W600 billion. Therefore, the government is looking to draw upon both private capital and state financing.

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