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Routine missile tests heighten tension
10/6/2002 5:47:00 AM

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- The two neighboring countries, Pakistan and India, conducted not so neighborly “routine” experiments on each other Friday.

Pakistan tested a nuclear-capable surface-to-surface missile able to hit most targets inside India. Within hours, New Delhi tested it's most sophisticated surface-to-air missile, which was designed to bolster its air defense.

With more than 1 million soldiers deployed along the border - and almost daily saber rattling from New Delhi and Islamabad - this round of missile tests indicate that the nations have given each other notice of a possible arms race in missile development.

Both countries notified the other of their plans to test.

While the tests are said to be routine, India’s foreign ministry suspects that Pakistan is using the news as a publicity stunt for the upcoming general elections next week.

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