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Tibetan leader halts anti-Jiang Zemin protest

With the US visit by China’s President Jiang Zemin drawing near, Dalai Lama issued a surprising decree to his followers worldwide to not protest Jiang in the U.S. This is widely seen as a gesture of being conciliatory for future talks with Beijing.

Many supporters of Tibet are not so certain about the wisdom of this decision, as one Tibetan in New York City pointed out that Beijing has never taken any concrete measures to improve conditions in Tibet, nor has it recognized the rights of those Tibetans in exile.

Not long ago, four representatives of the Tibetan Government entered China, and met with Communist Party officials. Beijing has been apparently annoyed by Tibetans’ protests wherever Chinese delegations show up. It is speculated that one condition that allowed these Tibetan representatives to visit China might have been that the Dalai Lama must stop anti-Jiang Zemin protest in the U.S. this October. Now it appears that Beijing has succeeded in this regard.

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