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Malaysian leader took off shoes at L.A. Airport

Last month, Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was told to take off his shoes and belt at a Los Angeles airport for a security check. This act caused quite a stir of anger when the Malaysian public learned of it this week since this Malaysian leader apparently held a diplomatic passport on his way to the U.S. Some have called for a boycott of Malaysians taking any trip to the U.S. because of its “Anti-Muslim hysteria.”

On Wednesday, the US Embassy issued a statement, which read, “The US embassy sincerely regrets any inconveniences or inappropriate treatment that senior Malaysian Government officials may have experienced during their visits to the U.S.”

Malaysia is a Muslim state, and its government has detained over 60 suspected militants who attempted to establish an Islamic state in Southeast Asia. One of the suspects is allegedly linked to the al-Qaeda group.

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