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Hong Kong's National Day celebration marred by flag burning

Witnesses reported that groups of protesters showed up at a National Day celebration site in Hong Kong to rally against this Mainland China’s holiday on October 1. The celebration atmosphere was further undermined when someone burned the Chinese national flag.

Most local residents are not happy about the current economic recession in Hong Kong, while some have complained about SAR’s recent attempt to enact the so-called “Anti-Subversive Law” and censorship in the press. The Falun Gong spiritual movement continued its usual peaceful appeal to end the 3-year old persecution in Mainland China.

In a recent survey for Hong Kong youth, only about half expressed their willingness to be part of Mainland China. Most local people fear that their everyday life will soon be dictated by Beijing, as Teng, the Hong Kong chief, is becoming a closer puppet of China’s President Jiang Zemin.

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