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U.S. resumes talk with North Korea

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U.S. policy on China and North Korea
In an apparent move to improve the US and North Korea relationship, the White House announced that the US Government will send an envoy to visit North Korea soon. This decision came after a US Department of State official held meetings with North Korean officials in New York City.

Sources say that the early visit to North Korea by the Japanese prime minister sent out a message that Kim Jong-il would be ready for talks with Washington.

Mr. Fleisher, White House spokesman, cautioned against the speculation that this visit by a US envoy means a change of President Bush’s assertion that North Korea is part of an “axis of evil.”

However, most foreign affairs experts expect that this US move is instrumental to explore future possibilities of a constructive relationship, given the fact that North Korea is struggling with its economy, and badly needs foreign aid before the coming winter.

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