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South Korea's GNP feclines Kim Jong Il's visit

The South Korean Grand National Party Spokesman Nam Kyung-pil issed a statement for the party Sunday declining any visits by North Korean leader Kim Jong Il prior to the December 19th presidential election. Nam noted that Kim has resisted meeting before despite repeated appeals by South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, making a visit now appear politically motivated. The South Korean Secretary General Kim Young-il wished that issues between the two Koreas be dealt with transparency and the consent of the people, for long-term success rather than for short-term political gain.

Millennium Democratic Party Policy Committee head, Lim Cahe-jong, responded that the GNP was looking short-sightedly for thinking inter-Korea issues were merely for campaign purposes, especially when reconcilliation is settling on the two Koreas. Lim explained that the friendly soccer match between Seoul and Pyongyang, displaced family reunions, and the Japanese prime minister's visit to Pyongyang were signs of this.

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