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Red Cross to identify missing persons from Korean War

At their last meeting on Mount Kumgang on Sunday, Red Cross officials from North and South Korea sealed an agreement, which included their joint operation of a venue to reunite divided families as well as a project initiated by North Korean leader Kim Jong Il to identify 'missing' persons from the Korean War. South Korean National Red Cross President Suh Young-hoon speculated that these missing persons were mostly prisoners of war although North Korea repeated that it has taken no prisoners or kidnapped persons aside from those officers and civilians entering into the North during the Korean War. However, the South Korean government and its National Red Cross estimate that the North Korean soldiers have kidnapped over 7,000 people and have taken 19,000 as war prisoners, only a fraction of which have been identified as living or dead.

Both North and South announced their plans to build and operate a venue for displaced family members at Mount Kumgang resort. The South will provide construction materials and equipment, while the North will supply the workfoce. Once completed, both will regularize family reunions, as well as continually expand and develop letter exchanges and life or death confirmation for the divided families.

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