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We have to do what we can to stop genocide crime against humanity
Catherine Hennessy, Sound of Hope

On the 15th of April, 2009, 10 days prior to the 10 years anniversary of Falun Gong persecution 4/25, European Parliament vice chairman Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott summoned China Religion Freedom hearing in Belgium. The hearing agenda is to analyze the reason why Falun Gong is the only group being singled out, blast targeted, and severely tortured by the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) and what out side of China can do to stop the genocide crime in China.

The penal of this hearing were David Matas, a Canadian Human Rights Lawyer, and co-author of Organ Harvesting Report on Falun Gong Prractitioners, Ethan Gutmann, author of The Lost of New China, Willy Fautre, Chairman of Human Rights No Boundary, Weigwan Zhong, resides in Germany, a specialist of the study of totalitarianism, and activist of Liberty of Chinaese Culture, Elping Zhang, Falun Gong spokesperson, Also, tele-conference joined by Fengzhi Li, former Chinese espionage agent in China, who recently rescind membership to the CCP with his real name.

We will now listen to Canadian Human rights Lawyer David Matasí report.

David Kilgour and I wrote a report on organ harvesting on Falun Gong practitioners in China which is on Internet, which came to the conclusions that the Falun Gong practitioners are being killed and their organs are being harvested and their organs are being sold to the transplant tourists and the conclusions we came was that this was happening to Falun Gong practitioners and to Falun Gong practitioners only.

The only other source of organs there were victims in this way were prisoners sentenced to death. Prisoners sentenced to death have been source from many years of the past. The volume of transplants shoot up with victimization of Falun Gong and the source was Falun Gong practitioners? Now we came to the conclusion that was only Falun Gong.

Obviously we cannot interview the people who was organ harvested, but we interviewed many people who had been in Chinese prisons and who has got off from the prisons and got off from China and what they uniformly told us Falun gong practitioners and none Falun Gong practitioners alike was that there were only Falun Gong practitioners and prisoners sentenced to death who in prison were blood tested and organ examined. And blood testing is essential for organ transplant because you need to compare the blood compatibility between the source and patient in order to have a transplant so what we
were getting was only Falun Gong practitioners. One of the questions we have to address why only Falun Gong practitioners?

There were many people in Chinese prisons and many people in prisons are for their believes. China doesnít tolerate any believe systems it does control the churches who does authorize because it does control them someway or the other. But as far as we can tell it was only the Falun Gong they were being organ pillaged or organs sourced or organs seized.

Now there were a couple of superficial explanations for this. There was one that there was a large number of Falun Gong practitioners in prisons which meant there was a large organ source bank, which really needed to have organ transplant functioning effectively. We can also see in a term of a vocabulary that infective the communist Party used to against Falun Gong far exceeded the infective used against any other chosen enemies calling them ďevil cultĒ so on and whereas the Tibetans they call them splitters, it was just a different vocabulary. Those were superficial explanations because the
questions become why were they using this excessive vocabulary against Falun Gong and why were they detaining Falun Gong in such numbers.

So I want today to just run through I identified a dozen different reasons and explanations why the Falun Gong became the number one target of all the various targets that China has decided to pick upon. We can see it is not for organ sourcing but you torture according to Manfred Nowak they represents two third of the torture victims and next largest number are Uighur 11% and everybody else is single digit. When you can see a huge detention centre labour camps U.S. department said half of the people in Labour Camps are (Falun Gong practitioners) We have got a huge number of death and disappearances over 3000 identified deaths and so on. Why, the nature of the communist party is repressive country of belief, on all the country all the independent beliefs picking up Falun Gong more than on any others.

One of the explanations I would say first of all simply the numbers. There were even government indicated there were more Falun Gong practitioners before it was banned than there were the members of Communist Party. These people at the time were not anti-communist but certainly not communist either. That causes the Party concern.

The second, it simply they need for enemies, the communist party, they have to justify the power someway. One of the ways it does manufacture enemies and the Falun Gong represents a good target simply because the large numbers.

The third, the ethnic of the Falun Gong, which is in nutshell, is compassion, tolerance and truthfulness. The principle has to give the communist caused concern, because they state themselves were cruel, intolerant and dishonest. And had a necessity to drag the country into this.

The fourth was the collapse of the Soviet Union and communist through out the eastern to the central Europe not that long before, which gave them and caused concern and then seen tens of million people donít believe what they believe in frighten them.

The fifth: the lack of structure of Falun Gong. Falun Gong is not a people and it is not a organization. It is not a movement it is an exercise. It is a set of exercises with a spiritual foundation. Now with the Roman Catholics, the communist appointed a bishop, with the Muslims they appointed Yemenis? With Buddhists they appointed the Lama, but they couldnít do that with Falun Gong. Because It doesnít have a structure that allows for.

The sixth phenomenon was the mirror imaging. The Chinese communist party thought the Falun Gong as they saw themselves as an organization with a structure even though it wasnít. When you hammer everything looking like nail absolutely saw the group of people they were doing things at the same time the same place and they thought there was an organization there. And that concerned them.

The seventh was the mobilization deposity We heard what the Government said, there were people who were able to gather ,to gather into a large group at the same time at the same place and that gave them constant concern.

The eighth was the use of modern technology. The Falun Gong community was able to get together with use of the internet, with use of the cell phones and the communist party hasnít seen that before in China and they wonít be really familiar with the phenomenon because they are not aware of this was happening in this way, it was fueled into paranoia and feeling as if it was structured.

The ninth was what I would call petty personal jealousy of Jiang Zemin. Because we heard a lot of anecdota information about Jiang Zemin. At one time it simply isolated of leading this charge against the Falun Gong and one can see as he is the author of three representatives which was attempting to explain the communists in a post-socialist world which nobody could understand. Wikipedia which attempt to neutral course incomprehensible, they had no one following, no comprehension. In the mean time, at the same time, outsider Li Hongzhi writes this book which gets the following of tens of million of Chinese and Jiang Zemin seems simply to be jealous of Li Hongzhi.

The tenth is the phenomenon of the people in prison Falun Gong in prison, many of them, most of them who donít identify themselves once they get arrested. This was done in order to protect the people back home, who didnít turn them in maybe they should do, the friends and relatives the workplace but as a result, nobody knew where they were nobody knew why they were in prison and they became particularly vulnerable. It was a lot easier to do to somebody who had no identity than to
somebody who was identifiable.

The eleventh, it is simply that this crime was easier to get away with because these people were not known outside of China the words Falun Gong donít mean anything in English. This was a group where it was easier to spread, liable to against them because if you are liable of Roman Catholic as good as the way Chinese people do outside known enough about the religion to know what the Chinese are saying. It is nonsense when they liable the Falun Gong. People donít know enough about Falun Gong to know whether the Chinese Governmentís saying is true. And it demobilized the concern.

The last phenomenon is the Chinese roots of Falun Gong. The Falun Gong is based on Buddhism and Tao principles from Qi Gong exercises regime so it is authentically Chinese and the communism, of course, it was Western thoughts, so what we have it is a movement in China at the time the collapse of communist world-wide. And it is based on Chinese tradition. The Chinese Communists can see this movement just wiping away the Communism completely. That scares them.

As a result we have a group who were victimized more than anyone else, worse than anyone else, and we have to be concerned the fact that they donít have or they didnít before they started in 1992, had counterparts in the west. Shouldnít get us, or distant us from this phenomenon. They share our common humanity. What is happening in China is genocide crime against humanity. We have to do what we can to stop it.

Thank you very much.

David Matas further expressed his view in the interview, by the SOH staff reporter after the hearing, of what outside China can do to stop the genocide crime in China. Following is the interview


with the increasing awakened Chinese inside China quiting the CCP, and with kind hearted people ourtside of China aware of the genocide crime that the repressive CCP committed, we can for sure counting down the dates of dissolving of the Chinese Communist Party. Thank you for listening. This has been Catherine Hennessy for the Sound of Hope Radio Network.

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