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Chinese Journalist Condemns Ministry of Propaganda
Luo Ya, The Epoch Times
6/5/2009 11:14:00 PM

Chinese journalist Yang Jibin published an article strongly condemning China’s Ministry of Propaganda as the hidden hand behind the beating of two journalists. These journalists were attacked when they attempted to follow up on the Badong County waitress’ rape case in central China’s Hubei Province.

On May 10, a waitress named Deng Yujiao is alleged to have killed one of the three party officials who have been accused of trying to rape her. The case has drawn significant public attention and sympathy in China, while the regime has tried all means to prevent the public backlash from gaining momentum.

Ms. Kong Pu from The Beijing News and Mr. Wei Yi from Nanfang People Weekly, were brutally beaten by Badong County police, while following the case on May 28.

Wei Yi was forced to write a statement admitting he “had conducted an interview without the local authorities’ approval.” The audio and photo files Wei had made during the interview were also destroyed.

The local regime’s actions shocked Chinese media and the public. An interview posted on Beijing’s mouthpiece, China National Radio (CNR), the only media reporting the beating incident, was widely picked up by other media that later triggered a massive wave of condemnation and criticism from the public.

However, the links to CNR’s website and other news websites that posted the report were soon disabled. The newspaper companies the two reporters work for have remained silent about the incident.

Ms. Kong’s husband, Yang Jibin also works for the Beijing News. He recently blogged a piece entitled “Who Supports Violence” (see below) on his blog condemning the Ministry of Propaganda.

Who Supports the Violence?

Those who bit my wife and her friend were just a few vicious dogs. I know about this and also recognize whose dogs they are.

You have ordered all media to recall all reporters that were in Badong covering the rape case. Deng Guida (one of the three party cadre involved in the rape case and who was killed by Deng) is just a dog you raised. He is your dog. To you, Deng Yujiao’s knife not only stabbed and killed your dog it also cut open the deceptive disguise you have been wearing for several decades. You know this full well and you are scared.

It is exactly because those local thugs knew about your order to suppress the media that they dared to attack reporters. Consequently, the reporters who still persisted and remained in Badong have acted against your order. They clearly knew about it. Therefore, just go ahead and beat people up, because no one will give the thugs a hard time, except for a few rebuttals from the public. You are not afraid of the public’s opinions, right? It has been several decades, and when were you ever scared of the public’s opinions?

That night, every media was silent, no one dared to report the fact that my wife and her friend were beaten in Badong, for the media are all afraid of you, and for the fact that the two reporters were acting against your order by staying in Badong County.

You are an umbrella for all corrupt officials and evil powers. It is you who has supported violence.

You have won again. Yet, does your winning every time give you peace of mind? Do you feel elated when you achieve a small victory? Do you smile? Do you even remember how to smile? I mean, the look on your face when you were having your mother’s milk while resting in her arms when you were a little baby—do you still remember?

I and other journalists will still walk on and fulfill our destiny and accumulate frustrations with optimism. This is something we should endure. I admit that I have seen your victories over and over again. However, they were actually your own struggles, for behind every filthy victory hides a fear and a sense of doom, falling down to the very bottom. You are becoming an enemy over time. Liu Shaoqi (former regime leader) once said that you would be written into history.

Your punishments have already begun. If you accept the view of the famous Russian writer Dostoevsky, you should know that your punishments begin even before you commit your crimes. Is there a day that goes by that you don’t live in fear and your deception?

And as for us, we will only love each other more and love this world more. Even a drop of morning dew on a leaf delights us. You just don’t understand this kind of feeling.

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