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Japan Society Presents Summer Film Festival
Renowned filmmakers reveal Japans best
Chris Holehouse, The Epoch Times

New York moviegoers will unite for an exquisite look into Japanese culture through a display of many top-notch Japanese films this summer. Now in its third year, the New York based Japan Society will host Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film, a unique screening of 18 feature length films that are considered premium grade for American tastes. Playing from June 30 to July 12, viewers will be graced with the best of the best blockbuster originals, explosive anime, and avant-garde independent flicks all highlighting Japanís unique culture.

Japan Society is a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization started in 1909 that has been a pioneer in bringing Japanese culture and art to the American public. As one of the only North American producers of high-quality Japanese pop culture content, Japan Society puts on more than 100 programs annually ranging from education, performing arts, gallery, and film, and others. The event is co-partnered with the renowned New York Asian Film Festival who will be presenting nine films between July 1-5.

So, whatís in store for Japan Cuts 2009? Gen Takahashiís crime thriller Confessions of a Dog, the third and final installment of Takeshi Kitanoís artist conundrum, Achilles and the Tortoise, as well as Cyborg She a tongue-in-cheek science fiction, romantic comedy. Japan Cuts will showcase a large actor and filmmaker question and answer along with a host of spirited parties including a human/cyborg dress party immediately following the Cyborg She premier.

Japanese film has bolstered a large movie making presence outside of Hollywood in the past few years and Japan Cuts promises to showcase its best films of 2008 and 2009. For ticket information, screening schedules, and a list of special guests and appearances visit

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