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The Tianzong Acupuncture Point
Dr. Roberto C. de la Cuerda, The Epoch Times

In the center of the scapula sits an acupuncture point known as “tianzong,” which translates as something like “religion of heaven.” We may deduce that if there’s a religion of heaven, there also may exist a religion of the earth.

To understand the message of this point, we have to first familiarize ourselves with the meridian that passes through it, with its energy, and the emotional ambience that characterizes it. The tianzong point belongs to the organ and meridian of the small intestine.

As we know, the small intestine’s principle function is to complete digestion of nutrients and chemicals, and to affect the absorption of useful substances. But what we don’t know is that at the energetic and emotional level, the small intestine encompasses other roles, such as maintaining the heart in equilibrium the small intestine contributes fidelity and continuity to the heart.

In antiquity it was said that the spirit was found in the heart, and it was thought of as an emperor who should govern with great intelligence and conscience, to maintain the harmony and integrity of the people. In the organism, the heart governs the whole body, sustaining all the necessities through blood circulation.

All internal happenings and situations have an impact on the heart, and it is thus very sensitive to any changes. It is easily affected by any physiological or psychological changes in its surroundings, which have repercussions for its rhythm and the intensity of its energy.

The small intestine, then, carries out this energetic function. Like a faithful canine, it provides fidelity and continuity to the heart, so that it is not altered by any external changes. Then, why does the tianzong point hurt?

If we look at it, each of us has his or her own faith, beliefs, or personal religions. Some believe in orthodox religions, others in certain spiritual practices, others in science, others in politics, but in the end, how is the world? Full of fighting, jealousy, anger, and hatred. What will happen to this point? It will be blocked. In that case, how will our small intestines, our hearts, and our spirits be?

If the tianzong point is blocked, we can measure symptoms in the small finger of the hand, the inner elbow, the scapula, the neck, and through menstrual hemorrhages. This point teaches us that the “religion of heaven” is to be found only through fidelity and nonattachment. Being faithful and stable is the path to heaven, and only in this way can one be at peace with oneself and one’s surroundings.

Dr. Roberto C. de la Cuerda is a doctor of acupuncture in Madrid, Spain.

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