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Fish Turned Beauty Experts in India

It seems fish have emerged as the new age beauty expert at this salon and spa. Moving around in a tub of warm water, numerous small fish nibble away at dead skin, leaving the hands and feet shiny and smooth.

Not your everyday makeover, the fish pedicure or manicure offers a unique ticklish and lively experience to those who dare to try it.

[Rahim, Naturals Salon and Spa]:
We wanted to make it much more enjoyable and fun loving for people. We thought that when they come here, they should enjoy and have a good experience. We wanted to give them a lively experience and through fish pedicure we have been able to give them that.

The idea behind the spa was to find a replacement for scrubbers. But they found a fish called garra rufa or Doctor Fish that can handle the beauty treatments.

They nibble away at the dead skin as the hot water in which they thrive doesnt support much plant or aquatic life. They feed on whatever food sources are available---but donít worry they wonít eat live skin because, without teeth, they canít bite.

[Ankeera, Customer]:
Initially its a bit scary. For me it was, because I was shivering and all but otherwise, once you get doing it, you try, its okay. Its a sudden feeling and its really very funny. Its a very nice feeling.

The fish dont do the job alone, though. After 15 to 30 minutes customers get a standard pedicure, now much easier by the softer skin left behind.

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