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Preliminaries of Chinese Violin Competition Impress Judges
Rosemarie Freihauf, The Epoch Times

Contestant Tsai Chen-Han (Daibing/The Epoch Times)

NEW YORKAfter the first round of preliminaries finished on Friday, July 25th, the judges of the first NTDTV International Chinese Violin Competition left the New York City Town Hall Foundation visibly pleased.

Luis Lev, one of the judges and violinist in the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra praised the high skill level of the contestants: They are very musical players. Today we heard a level that really is quite amazing regardless of style and differences. Weve seen some very good training. Some people have a very good background and teachers and they have shown us good ideas and techniques.

Another judge, Sherry Kloss, former student and assistant of violin legend Jascha Heifetz, expressed her valuation and appreciation of this unique competition hosted by NTDTV which is part of its Nine Competitions series.

I think its an absolutely fabulous conception of all the venues this organization is offering for the competition. Its innovative, its individual. Everyone is an individual, and here we are really commencing something that is crucial, crucial for the survival of the music. What we are seeing today is that there is tremendous potential.

And about the passion of the young violinists, she added: Im sitting there and Im admiring their courage and their desire to give their presentation.

The final round Sunday [is] open to the public. Tickets are available as Day pass for $20 general and $10 for students and seniors at the Town Hall Box office, online at Ticketmaster, or by calling 212-307-4100.

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