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40 Million Quit the CCP
Dan Sanchez, The Epoch Times

LOS ANGELES―Representatives of various organizations rallied July 12 on the South Lawn of Los Angeles city hall to commemorate 40 million quitting the Chinese communist party (CCP) and to clarify the status of human rights and other conditions within China.

Albert Roman, a representative of the local Falun Dafa Association, spoke at the rally. “What does ‘Tuidang’ mean? It means ‘Quit the Party,’ and it refers to the movement happening in China since November 2004 in which Chinese people from around the world, especially in China, are peacefully disassociating themselves from the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations - the Chinese Youth League, and the Young Pioneers,” said Roman.

He continued, “Today we want to honor the nearly 40 million brave Chinese who have decided to free themselves from the encumbrances of being part of the Chinese Communist Party, an organization responsible for the unnatural deaths of more people than those of Hitler and Stalin combined.”

“More Chinese are withdrawing from the CCP in recent months. For example, during the time of the Sichuan earthquake in mid-May, the number of daily withdrawals spiked to 60,000 on multiple days. Why was there a spike in withdrawals? It is related to the discontent Chinese people are feeling with their government.”

Why is there Discontent with the Chinese Regime?

“Why is there such discontent? It’s because when disaster strikes in China, the poor Chinese people often suffer needlessly because the Chinese Communist Party is more interested in preserving its reputation than saving lives. Three facts support this. First, the CCP at first refused foreign aid crews to enter the earthquake zone, and waited 72 hours after the earthquake to bring in the worlds largest all-weather jet planes that can carry engineering equipment. This was the most critical time to save lives. Second, many school buildings collapsed and crushed students while government buildings remained intact. Some elementary schools fully collapsed a mere 15 seconds after the quake hit. The steel reinforcing bars inside the concrete walls were extremely thin. Pictures have been passed around all of China showing CCP administrative buildings standing erect without a visible crack next to demolished school buildings. Third, when distraught parents and family members of earthquake victims demand justice and an investigation, some have been arrested and all have been ignored.”

“In addition to the increased frustration level, there has been an apparent awakening of Chinese people since the publication of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, a book that exposes in great detail the violent history of China’s communist party.”

Roman continued, “The following are two individuals who have posted withdrawal statements publicly. I will read their withdrawal statements.”
“The first is Haoqi from Jiangxi, China. He says, ‘I am a student. After I learned that the CCP dissects humans alive and illegally sells their organs, and commits many brutal acts, I realized that the content of the textbooks, TV and newspapers about the CCP was all deception, and I thoroughly understood that the CCP was a true underground society. I want to part and stay away from this evil and withdraw from all its affiliated organizations. I will no longer be its successor.’”

“On April 10, Li Yuanlong, a former reporter of the Bijie Daily in Guizhou Province, used his real name to quit the Chinese Youth League (CYL) on the Tuidang Website. In an interview with The Epoch Times, he said that he denounced his membership from the CYL to seek freedom of conscience. He pointed out that the grand tide of resigning from the CCP has a noticeable influence on the minds and souls of the Chinese people who have declared the three withdrawals, in a sense of spiritual awakening and uplifting human nature. Meanwhile, the campaign has inspired more Chinese people to reflect inward and examine the facts.”

“Li’s withdrawal statement went as follows: ‘I am Li Yuanlong, male, Han nationality, born in Guizhou’s Bijie City in 1960. On August 27, 1980, I reluctantly joined the Communist Youth League. Since then, I’ve accrued a moral debt, living with a guilty conscience. As of this moment, I formally declare my resignation of the CYL.’”

Roman continued, “Another indication of the CCPs weakened state is that the CCPs high-ranking officials have been sending their children abroad and they are buying homes, not luxury vacation homes, but regular homes. This is referred to as the back exit strategy. This will provide them a way out, if anything happens to the CCP in the future. So what should they themselves do as ordinary civilians? Shouldnt they break away from the CCP as soon as possible?”

Quitting the CCP Service Center, Los Angeles

Helen Lee, a representative of the Los Angeles Quitting CCP Service Center, spoke at the rally. She said, All kinds of evidence show that the time left for the CCP is very limited. Since the beginning of this year, China has experienced unprecedented snow storms in the south, a deadly earthquake and widespread flooding, and tens of millions of people lost their family members and homes. Especially in the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake, the CCP faced three tough questions from the people: 1) Why the Chinese government didnt announce the risk of the earthquake even after they were informed of it in advance? 2) why the poor quality of school buildings killed tens of thousands of students? and 3) why was the earthquake rescue delayed for 72 hours and the golden time of rescue missed?”

Lee continued, “In order to divert the peoples attention and anger, the CCP planned and staged terrorist attacks on Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) practitioners in Flushing but their plan was crushed like an egg hitting a rock.”

“When China is experiencing all kinds of natural and man-made disasters, the CCP officials continue their corrupt practices and even embezzled large amounts of earthquake donation money in some cases, and send their families to overseas countries. According to statistics from the Chinese Organization Ministry, over 1.08 million CCP officials family members emigrated to other countries in recent years, said Lee.

Also in attendance was Zheng Cunzhu, leader of the China Democatic Party along with many of his members, displayed a banner at the rally, calling for the Chinese people to quit the CCP and join the China Democratic Party.

Chris Wu, President of the Chinese Transitional Government

Chris Wu, President of the Chinese Transitional Government, said, Now over 40 million Chinese affiliated with the CCP have withdrawn from its organizations. The CCP has never responded to the Quitting the CCP movement and pretend to not know of it. But actually, they are very nervous and have tried to drag more young people into joining the CCP. Their motives for joining the CCP are to get promoted in their official ranking and to exploit the people, thus causing more trouble for the CCP. Therefore, the CCP has hit a dead end, with no where to turn.

Wu also said that Chinas economy was in terrible shape, “I originally thought
Chinas economy might maintain a rising trend and make a good show for
the CCP during the Olympics. But it looks like the worldwide recession
has made it impossible for Chinas economy to shine brightly before the world. I just learned that Chinas exports in June decreased by 20%. In the Zhujiand river delta area, several tens of thousands of companies from Taiwan and Hong Kong have escaped China and started investing in Southeast Asia.”

Wu said, The pace of Chinas GDP decline is faster than the growth of CCPs
corruption. With Chinas export decreasing, Chinas stock market plunging,
gas prices rising, consumer price index rising, national treasury reserve
close to empty, and foreign investments withdrawing, the pace of the CCPs collapse is faster than what I imagined. In the past, the CCP always chanted the slogan: ‘prevent inflation, prevent overheating of the economy.’ But this year, the slogan became: ‘prevent inflation, prevent decline of the economy.’ What does the CCP plan to do? In fact, they have no idea but to procrastinate through the Olympics. But we have a plan: the Transitional Government will take over the government after the CCP collapses and it will walk a new and better path.

Tao Jun, Former Leader of Student Democratic Movement

Tao Jun, a former leader of the June 4th student democratic movement, recently escaped from China to the U.S. He said, This rally is my 2nd time standing on the podium (of this kind of activity) in the past 19 years. The 1st time was when I traveled from Hefei to Beijing to join the grand-scale democratic movement. Today is my first time to join the quitting the CCP movement overseas.”

Jun said, The CCP, since seizing power in 1949, staged many evil movements and caused too many disasters to be recorded. Eliminating the CCP is the obligation and responsibility of the Chinese people.”

Jun proposed, I hope that starting August 8, 2008, all people with conscience in China, including Falun Gong practitioners, people petitioning for their rights, human rights activists being monitored, and all people who have been unjustly treated and have nowhere to report, come to Tiananmen square to parade. This is a rare opportunity that cannot be missed.

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