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Former Chinese Diplomat: The Regime Has Close Ties With Overseas Mafias
Lin Xiaofan, The Epoch Times

FLUSHING, New York City—Since May 17, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has instigated, imported agents and thugs into Flushing to harass and attack volunteers of the Quit the CCP Service Center. In an Epoch Times interview, former Chinese diplomat Mr. Chen Yonglin commented that the regime has always had close ties with overseas Chinese mafia.

It [the use of money to hire thugs] happened all along in the past, because the CCP started as an organized crime syndicate, it organized violence and is a hoodlum itself its policies and series of purges all have revealed this nature. The union between the CCP and (overseas) local Chinese mafias is extremely tight.

Chen also used his personal experience as an example, When I was visiting Montreal, Canada in June 2007, I witnessed how the local mafia helped the CCP. At the time, a local independent society held an evening event for me. When I arrived, there was a group of thugs from an underground society at the door of the restaurant threatening the guests. They directly and openly set a table at the door to monitor them.

Chairman of Chinese Association Held for Alleged Drug Smuggling

In March, the media disclosed that an Australian Chinese community leader Hu Yang (aka Frank Hu), who had the full support of the Chinese Consulate, was a suspect in a 250 kg narcotics smuggling case (reported on, Fourth-largest drug bust made in Australia Mar 12, 2008). Chen pointed out that it was not surprising because it had always been the CCPs strategy to cooperate with or even manipulate mafia groups.

Chen said, In Sydney, the CCP has a very intimate relationship with the local Chinese mafia. Frank Hu was an honored guest of the Chinese Consulate. As the chairman of the Australian International Exchange Association, Hu helped the CCP to carry on foreign propaganda in Australia in many ways through the Association.

Sydney Chinese Mafia Offers to Clean Up Falun Gong Activities at Consulate

Chen also disclosed that in 2002, a Sydney local Chinese mafia head suggested to the Chinese Consul General that they could help the CCP to clean up Falun Gong activities in front of the Consulate. For example, in Hong Kong, the CCP relies on the mafia to harass and destroy organizations opposing the CCP. It is all because the CCP is the mafia in China, and is the boss of all Chinese mafias overseas. said Chen.

Chen told the reporter that for a long time, he was in a state of despair, but in the past several years he has felt more hopeful again, because more and more people are coming out to oppose the CCP dictatorship, and more and more people bravely step forward.

One Crisis on Top of Another

At present, the CCP is barely maintaining its feeble existence. The closer to the end, the more frail it will become, and the crazier and crueler it will become. Especially before the Olympics, the CCP is carrying on large scale arrests of human rights activists and people of conscience. It is my understanding its again started to arrest Falun Gong practitioners beginning in January and immediately sentenced them to the labor camp for eight months after their arrest in order to get through the Olympics in August.

Speaking of the Sichuan earthquake, Chen said, Because the CCP deliberately concealed the earthquake prediction and the use of tofu substandard school construction, many students died in the earthquake. Additionally, the unorganized rescue efforts in the beginning period of the relief work, have all caused more resentment. The CCP is facing one crisis on top of another crisis now.

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