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NTDTV to Present Nine International Chinese Competitions in 2008
Xin Fei, The Epoch Times

NTDTV is presenting nine global Chinese competitions in 2008. (NTDTV)

After successfully holding the International Chinese Classical Dance Competition and the International Chinese Vocal Competition last year, New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) will present a global Chinese competition series that includes art, music, martial arts and culinary skills.

The nine international competitions are: violin, vocals, piano, traditional martial arts, Han couture design, Chinese classical dance, figure painting, Chinese culinary competition (Including Sichuan style, Guangdong style, Shandong style, Northeastern style and Huaiyang style) and photography.

NTDTV president, Mr. Cong Li told The Epoch Times that NTDTV hopes to provide a platform for cultural exchange between Chinese and Western culture through the form of competition. He also said they wish to promote and spread traditional Chinese culture, help the world come to better understand traditional Chinese culture and better understand Chinas current and past situation.

Overseas Chinese often find the opportunities to revisit traditional Chinese culture and history hard to come by. In fact it is hard to find any authentic traditional culture, even in China. Overall it is in a state of total lacking, said Li.

Being separated from ones culture is a very sad and lamentable thing. We are trying to find the roots of our tradition, make it bud and bloom on the international stage, and finally blossom lustrously.

Li continued, The competition series this year will not only include martial arts, Han couture, and culinary skills from traditional Chinese culture, but also includes elements of Western culture such as piano, violin, photography and figure painting.

The series not only includes direct cultural carriers such as dance, song, instrumental music, painting and photography, but also includes clothing and food culture which are a part of everyday life.

Li also said that all the competitions provide enticing awards and will be held in the worlds capital, New York City. Every competitions panel of judges will be composed of outstanding experts in each particular field.

Li also remarked that he hopes the elites in the arts community will not miss this wonderful opportunity to showcase their talents. He believes that amidst the global wave of China-craze, NTDTVs competition series will help the essence of traditional Chinese culture enter peoples minds.

Many people contacted us as soon as the registration for some of the competitions opened. Were very confident that all the competitions this year will have great success, said Li.

Since NTDTV presented the inaugural Global Chinese New Years Gala in New York City during the Chinese New Year period in 2004, the scale of the show (now known as Chinese Spectacular) has increased tremendously. The number of performances has constantly increased, sparking a world tour this year across 65 cities, while the show has received praise and proclamation from audience members from all fields around the world including art and culture, business and political spheres. NTDTVs International Chinese Classical Dance Competition and International Chinese Vocal Competition held in July and October of 2007 have also drawn serious global attention.

Brief Introduction of the Nine Competition Series

The International Chinese Violin Competition will be held July 25-27 in New York. The competition will have three stages: preliminary, secondary and final. Registration opened March 15. All students 16 years and up and teachers from art schools or amateurs with professional-calibre skills are welcomed to the competition.
The International Chinese Vocal Competition will be held August 8-10 in New York.

The International Chinese Piano Competition will be held August 22-24 in New York. The competition will also have three stages: preliminary, secondary and final. Registration opened March 21. All students 16 years and up and teachers from art schools or amateurs with professiona-level skills are welcome in the competition.

The secondary and final stages of the International Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition will be held October 4-5 in New York. Registration opened on April 1. The preliminary contest for the Asia-Pacific area will be held in Taiwan in August, and the preliminary contest for North America will be held on October 4 in New York.

The Global Han Couture Design Competitions finals and award ceremony will take place in New York on October 19. The deadline for submission of sketches is July 7, 2008. In preliminary assessments, the sketches will be judged and letters of invitation to the next stage will be sent out by July 15, 2008. (Measurements for participating garments will be included in the letters) The deadline for submission of participating garments is Sept 20, 2008.

The International Chinese Classical Dance Competition will be held October 31 - November 2 in New York. The Chinese Figure Painting Competition, Chinese Culinary Competition and Chinese Photography Competition will all be held in late November in New York.

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