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Chinese International Figure Painting Competition
New Tang Dynasty Television

Registration and Procedures
1. Preliminaries: Submission of works and participation in preliminaries.

1) Applicants should send high definition photos of their works, including ongoing works, to the Competition Organization Committee before the submission deadline, July 15, 2008. The package should also include photo CDs or Slides (one photo of the whole piece and three feature photos.)

2) Applicants should fill out and submit forms for the Chinese International Figure Painting Competition (downloadable from Competition Website) and write down in either Chinese or English titles and ideas of the submitted works (within 100 words). Two1x1 inch color ID photos are needed, with one pasted to the form and the other placed in an envelope. The package should also include copies of the applicant’s valid ID or passport.

3) Applicants should fill out and submit their resume forms, listing their major experiences and prizes won, which should be attached to the application forms. The listed prizes should be evidenced by their image copies.

One gold winner: US$10,000, gold medal, and award certificate.
One silver winner: US$3,000, silver medal, and award certificate.
Three bronze winners: US$1,500, bronze medal, and award certificate.
A number of outstanding performance awards: honor certificate.

1. All teachers, students, and professionals of fine arts from fine arts schools, academies, and companies around the world, as well as professional level amateur fine artists are eligible to participate in the Competition.
2. Contestants must be either Chinese or Chinese descendents.
3. Members of the Panel of Judges are not allowed to participate.

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