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Senator: It is much richer than what I had imagined
Preserving Chinas cultural legacy important
Jian Hu and Peta Evans, The Epoch Times

CANBERRA, Australia—Senator Gary Humphries attended the Chinese Spectacular at the Canberra Theatre, and spoke with the Epoch Times afterward about his impressions of the show.

It has been a spectacularly enjoyable show, the acrobatics of the performers, the quality of the singers. The richness of the storyline makes it a very spectacular and rich show to watch. And I suspect that it also describes a side of Chinese culture which many western theatregoers havent experienced in a long time.

Senator Humphries understands the value of cultural exchange. I think it is very important to see this kind of cultural offering available to Western audiences.

As a representative of a constituency, the senator sees a need in preserving the past.

I think it is very important to accept that this kind of thing has been at risk in the past. On some occasions Chinas cultural legacy has been lost and I am very pleased that it is being preserved in this format and is available for people to see. And I hope that freedom of expression remains an important part of the cultural experience of both those in China and those in the West.

When asked about his favorite part of the show, Senator Humphries replied, I must say that the performance with the people coming down from heaven [Descent of the Celestial Kings] was the most spectacular for me. Fantastic dancing and acrobatics as well as great music. That is what I enjoy the most.

It is much richer than what I had imagined, exclaimed Senator Humphries, referring to the traditional Chinese culture the Divine Performing Arts set out to rekindle through their performances.

It is certainly a fantastic contribution that Chinese culture has made to other forms of expression. Gymnastics is influenced by Chinese dance. And Chinese ballet is something I didnt know until I saw the performance tonight. That tradition is a very rich one which no doubt has influenced other developments in world culture.

And of the baritone and soprano vocalists, the Senator praised, two very impressive vocalists there with very impressive use of what it seems to me one Western cultural medium with the use of the piano and so on. But I am sure there are other traditional cultural forms of expression as well.

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