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Former Reporter Quits the Communist Youth League
Xin Fei, The Epoch Times

According to data published on The Epoch Times Tuidang (Withdraw from the Party) Web site, since early 2005, more than 35 million people have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Communist Youth League (CYL), and the Communist Young Pioneers (CYP). Chinese people from all walks of life, from common citizens to high-ranking officials, have announced their three withdrawals in place at the provincial, municipal, and county or township level nationwide.

On April 10, Li Yuanlong, a former reporter of the Bijie Daily in Guizhou Province, used his real name to quit the CYL on the Tuidang Website. In an interview with The Epoch Times, he said that he denounced his membership from the CYL to seek freedom of conscience. He pointed out that the grand tide of resigning from the CCP has a noticeable influence on the minds and souls of the Chinese people who have declared the three withdrawals, in a sense of spiritual awakening and uplifting human nature. Meanwhile, the campaign has inspired more Chinese people to reflect inward and examine the facts.

Lis withdrawal statement went as follows: I am Li Yuanlong, male, Han nationality, born in Guizhous Bijie City in 1960. On August 27, 1980, I reluctantly joined the Communist Youth League. Since then, Ive accrued a moral debt, living with a guilty conscience. As of this moment, I formally declare my resignation of the CYL.

According to Li, many Party members in Bijie were ashamed to admit their Party membership, considering it a lack of self-respect to have joined the CCP in the first place.

Theres nothing honorable! They are ashamed to confess it. Anyone with a little conscience left knows that it is a shame to join the Party, feeling too embarrassed to talk about it openly, he said.

Withdrawal from the CCP and its affiliated organizations has displayed for many Chinese their nonviolent resistance and their determination not to be considered part of the CCP with all its wrongdoing. Above all, it shows their genuine insistence on truth and the firm belief in justice. On the other hand, as resignations of the CCP are being promoted inside and outside China, more and more Chinese people have awoken. This awakening has lead to a shrinking target population for the CCP.

Li continued, The increasing number of resignations reveals that the CCP has been losing its supporters and is treated with contempt. When these resignations come from Party officials it strikes the CCP a more severe blow and has a greater awakening effect on people.

As for the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party , Li said, This Epoch Times editorial series directly, systematically, intensively expose the CCPs evil nature and criminal behaviors and offer a deep historical insight. The content of the editorials was based on fact, dismantling the fašade the CCP has built up for years to deceiving the public with propaganda.

In recent years, the CCP has not only blocked media promoting the three withdrawals but also secretly intimidated any participants. In addition, the CCP has desperately demanded its Party members review its pledge of allegiance. Elderly have been persuaded to join the Party. Elementary school students, regardless of their ages, have been requested to join its affiliated organizations. Even whole classrooms are being enlisted as members of the CYL or the CYP. Limitations on joining the CCP, the CYL, and the CYP have been lifted.

Regarding the CCPs desperate efforts to increase the number of its Party members, Li said matter-of-factly that the CCP has been aware of its crisis, fearing that more people would quit the CCP and its associates. He said, Some of our staff once asked to quit the CCP. The newspaper administration was panicked by the request, fearing that spread of the news would have a negative influence on their official posts. This is typical of the CCP.

Li concluded that deceit and threat wont last very long. He believes that the CCPs totalitarian regime will be dissolved in the near future.

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