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Human Rights Torch Relay Reaches Guizhou Province
Wen Xin and Li Tianhui, NTDTV

Human Rights Torch Relay Poster found in China's central Hebei Province. (New Tang Dynasty Television)

Before the arrival of the Olympic Torch in China, the end of March has seen the global Human Rights Torch Relay officially spread to mainland China with the slogan Same World, Same Human Rights.

It was impractical to pass the torch under an autocratic regime so the people chose to spread the message by passing around a logo of the torch relay or tying yellow ribbons.

New Tang Dynasty Television reporters interviewed several relay participants in Guiyang City in Chinas southwest province of Guizhou who had just recently taken part in this activity. In order to protect them from persecution, their names are omitted from the following report.

A resident of Guizhou welcomed the Human Rights Torch to the province. He said, I welcome the Human Rights Torch to Guizhou, and I welcome this activity. I greatly support this activity. We are welcoming the Human Rights Torch in our own way.

Guizhou resident Wang indicated that they were willing to continue passing on the Human Rights Torch, and many others had also participated in the relay but had no chance to be photographed.

Currently the Human Rights Torch Relay is traveling across mainland China, including the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, Shijiazhuang, and Changsha.

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