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FBI Tracks Chinese Student Agents
Huang Yiyan, The Epoch Times

Many former heads of Chinese university student associations have recently recounted their experiences of how they had become the target of the FBI because of their status in Chinese Communist Party (CCP) student espionage organizations.

Since the New York University Chinese Culture Club (NYUCCC) published its statement smearing the International Chinese Classical Dance Competition sponsored by the New Tang Dynasty Television Station (NTD-TV), Chinese students who at one time served as presidents of Chinese student associations at various U.S. universities have continued stepping forward. They are revealing that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls and manipulates overseas Chinese student associations, transforming them into spy agencies.

Regarding this development, The Epoch Times interviewed news commentator Caoan Jushi, who is also a vice chairman and CEO of Pan-America Capital, Inc. Caoan Jushi believes that it was inevitable that these students would be watched by the FBI, as they worked for the CCP on U.S. soil. Their lives in the future in the United States will also be affected.

Reporter: What is the American government's position on people who work as CCP spies in the United States?

Caoan Jushi: In his recent speech at the dedication ceremony for the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington, D.C., President Bush said that like terrorism, communism is an evil to humanity. I think that Mr. Bush accurately stated the American government's position.

Every nation is concerned about its own security. These students help a dictatorship, so they will definitely be watched by the American government.

The United States is a democracy. Communism is known for its pursuit of terror, violence, and tyranny. When these characteristics of communism appear in the United States, how could the American government turn a blind eye to them? They will definitely become the FBI's targets. If these Chinese students who are studying in the United States choose to stay, their lives in the future will be affected.

Reporter: In what way will their lives be affected?

Caoan Jushi: There was a Chinese professor who taught at a university in Los Angeles. He kept close contact with CCP officials. Once he went to China, and when he wanted to reenter the United States, the U.S. authorities ran a check on him, which took more than a year. His wife and children were all in the United States without any income. So when he finally returned, they had to sell their house.

So the inconvenience can be immense. We know that the United States is a democratic country and it doesn't want to see people who embrace dictatorship here.

Reporter: The heads of NYUCCC were involved in smearing the International Chinese Classical Dance Competition, but later deleted their names from their own website. What's your take on that?

Caoan Jushi: It shows that they felt guilty. They became afraid because of the wrong things they'd done. They came to study in America, and many of them have scholarships provided by the U.S. government. When they take this money and do things in violation of American laws, aren't they ashamed?

From their actions we can also see that they still know what is right and what is wrong. We see that although they have been messing up by following the CCP's orders, they are worried about their own future. They will not stick to the end, working for the CCP.

Reporter: They knew what they were doing was wrong. But why did they still do it?

Caoan Jushi: First, some of the Chinese students studying abroad do not know the truth. They have long been brainwashed by the CCP before they left China, so they have a blind faith in the CCP and have an illusion: Everything that the CCP says is correct in their minds.

Secondly, self interest is at stake here. For instance, the CCP may promise them that when they return to China they can take back cars, or that the Chinese consulates are willing to provide funds for events to student associations, or that the CCP will help take care of their loved ones in China. When they finish their study and return they will be given jobs, or that they may work at government agencies.

The carrot isn't the only means used by the CCP. The CCP hints that things could happen to these students or their loved ones if they did not follow orders.

The students will do as the CCP says when they are lured by a carrot and threatened with stick. But are they sincere in helping the CCP? I don't think so. They are doing it against their own will.

Reporter: Everyone sees now that the CCP has been sabotaging and interfering with events lauding traditional Chinese culture sponsored by NTD-TV. Why would it do it?

Caoan Jushi: We can see that the CCP has been suppressing traditional Chinese culture for a long time, and it is fearful of Falun Gong and every media agency that is outside its control. What it is afraid of is: if NTD-TV displays genuine Chinese culture, people will be able to tell the real one from the false one.

In the decades under its rule, the CCP has destroyed the traditional Chinese culture, which few people pass down or learn. Understandably, there are even fewer people who know what traditional Chinese culture is.

Actually we should understand something: the Chinese are rooted in their traditional culture. The performances given by the CCP do not reflect traditional Chinese culture; they are used to spread the Party's culture; and they are not the traditional culture of China.

Then, the Chinese Classical Dance Competition sponsored by NTD-TV is capable of letting more people know the true traditional Chinese culture, which has far-reaching significance.

The CCP has been using some overseas Chinese groups and people, including students, by promising and giving them economic interests and incentives. When those don't work, threats and coercion. As a result, these people may give in to the CCP.

The CCP's deepest fear is that when the new generation of Chinese students comes to know its evilness, it will lose the hearts and minds of the people and it will fall sooner. So, when an event that truly carries on traditional Chinese culture is about to happen, the CCP will surely come out to stop it, and will resort to all means to prevent it from occurring.

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