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Global Chinese Dance Competition Opens in New York
Xin Fei, The Epoch Times

Hosted by New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV), the first International Chinese Classcial Dance Competition will be held at Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at New York University on Friday, July 6 to Sunday, July 8.

According to the judge committee for the dance competition, hundreds of professional dancers from Europe, the Americas, Australia and numerous Asian regions, including mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, have registered for this competition. Coming from various arts academies and performance groups, the competitors have been arriving in New York over the last few days.

Li Weina, a spokeswoman for the judge committee, said the tremendous success of the NTDTV Gala World Tour has introduced the world to the essence of traditional Chinese arts and high praise for the Global Gala has been received. This NTDTV dance competition restricts participants to only traditional Chinese dance forms while encouraging the creation of new dance pieces. It fosters an exchange of cultures and promotes truthfulness, benevolence, and genuine beauty. This competition will become the definitive event for Chinese classical dance, providing a platform for talented individuals to usher in a new era of the traditional Chinese art form.

According to the judge committee's announcement, the preliminaries (first round and second round) of competition will be held on Friday, the semi-finals on Saturday, concluding with the competition finals and an awards ceremony on Sunday.

This competition will be divided into four parts: the Male Adult Division (18 to 40 years of age), the Male Junior Division (14 to 17 years of age), Female Adult Division (18 to 40 years of age), and Female Junior Division (14 to 17 years of age). Each division will award one grand prize, one second prize, two third prizes, and three additional prizes for honorable mention.

The grand-prize winner in each division will receive US$10,000, while the second and third-prize winners will receive $3,000 and $1,000 respectively.

Cao Yi, another spokeswoman for the judge committee, explained that the competition accepts solo, duo and trio performances with each dance required to be within two minutes in length. In the first round, the participant's original piece will count for 70 percent of the total score. In the second round, in addition to their own creation, each dancer must give a one minute demonstration of basic dance skills, such as jumping, turning and flipping. The final round also requires one full minute of freely combined basic moves. The competitors are allowed to change their dance piece for the second and final round.

Cao mentioned that the mission of this competition is to exhibit the depth and the rich artistic expression of classical Chinese dance, so all dance pieces (including the accompanying music) must convey the true essence and style of this traditional Chinese art form. While the basic component portion insists on a set of compulsory moves, it also allows for free composition where each participant can freely arrange the requirements to suit their forte.

Cao added that the judge committee consists of highly experienced performance art experts, including key creators and performers from the NTDTV Gala.

Li pointed out that Sunday's awards ceremony is open to anyone who has seen second and final rounds of the competition, plus any who have ever witnessed a Divine Performing Arts ensemble performance. Seats, however, are limited to a first-come, first-serve basis.

Li mentioned that the Divine Performing Arts group will deliver a special performance after the awards ceremony, treating the audience to another performance of divine beauty. All participants from the first round are granted seats for the remaining competition as well as this special performance. Competitors are permitted to bring guests to accompany them to the performance.

The Divine Performing Arts group began a world tour at the beginning of the year, traveling to more than 30 cities across the American continent, Europe, Australia and Asia. The tour delivered nearly 80 performances to a combined audience of over 200,000. Seen as an artistic miracle by many in the performing arts, the ensemble has attracted great interest throughout the world.

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