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NTDTV Global Chinese Dance Competition Now Accepting Entries
Li Lunan, The Epoch Times

NEW YORK—New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) will host an international Chinese dance competition in New York City between May 20 and 27 of this year. NTDTV will broadcast the competition globally via satellite.

While the Divine Performing Arts Troupe, which NTDTV helped to establish, tours its popular Chinese New Year Spectacular in Asia, NTDTV has launched another program to promote traditional Chinese culture.

"We expect to promote more creative development of classical Chinese dance through the competition. We also plan to deepen Western society's understanding of Chinese culture," said competition spokesman Yin Lei.

Yin said, "It is the committee's wish that watching NTDTV's Chinese New Year Spectacular and classical Chinese dance will become a global cultural trend in the near future."

According to Yin, NTDTV, an independent Chinese-language television station founded in the United States in 2002, has launched a new production of its New Year Spectacular every year since 2004. The scale of the production has grown each year—in New York City, total audience attendance grew from 4,000 in 2004 to nearly 70,000 in 2007. The Chinese New Year Spectacular's worldwide tour has now reached 16 cities in North America and Europe, and will complete its tour in Japan, Australia, and Taiwan.

"Because of the Divine Performing Arts Troupe's pure, compassion-filled, and beautiful dance performances, millions of audience members, both Chinese and western, have come to realize how profound and intricate authentic Chinese culture is, as well as the beauty of classical Chinese dance," added Yin Lei. "The Chinese New Year Spectacular is a renaissance of the traditional Chinese culture and is enriching our society, culture and life."

"By watching excellent Chinese classical dance, both Chinese and western audiences may understand Chinese dance from the perspectives of history and art. They get to understand how a variety of different human emotions are expressed in the language of classical Chinese dance," explained Ms. Chen Bijuan, a renowned dance artist and one of the judges for the competition.

Chinese dance traces its origins back to royal court dances in ancient China, as well as earlier folk dances. In the early 1950's, ambitious Chinese dance artists wanted to develop and revolutionize folk dance art, so they borrowed a lot of dance elements from traditional Chinese opera, kung fu, and ballet. Today's classical Chinese dance system is a result of this dance revolution.

One of the features of Chinese dance is its rich range of movements, which emphasize grace and form, said Chen. Another feature is that Chinese dance is capable of portraying people of various walks of life and ethnic groups.

The competition is mainly open to dance teachers or dance performers between the age of 14 to 40 from professional dance academies or professional dance troupes. The preliminaries, semi-finals and finals of the competition will be held on May 20-27 in New York, and will be broadcast on NTDTV's Asian, European, Australian, and North American branches. The committee is now accepting entries.

The panel of judges is made up of seasoned dance experts—including the choreographers and leading performers of the Chinese New Year Spectacular, and the heads of the Divine Performing Arts Troupe, the Lotus Performing Arts Troupe and the Fu-xing (Renaissance) Performing Arts Troupe.

According to the official website of the competition, the competition will be divided into two age groups: the teenage group (age 14-17) and the adult group (age 18-40). The first place prize for the winners (male and female) of each age group is US$10,000; second place, US$3,000; and third place, US$1,000. Please check the website for more details about the competition.

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