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Secret Document Reveals Chinese Regime's Interference with NTDTV New Year Show
Wang Fang, The Epoch Times

This document offers an explanation for the various bizarre incidents that happened before and after the Spectacular in Chicago.

The Chinese New Year Spectacular was hosted by the Chicago Sound of Hope Radio station this year. The two performances in Chicago were the final shows in North America. Only 70,000 to 80,000 Chinese live in Chicago, yet the CCP sent three Mainland Chinese performance groups to Chicago within three months around the time of the Chinese New Year this year.

Including the annual New Year celebration activities organized by the local Taiwan communities and the local Mainland China communities, there were a total of six Chinese New Year celebration shows this year. On Jan. 6, China sent the Sichuan Province Performance Group and the Shaolin Temple Performance Group to Chicago.

The host, China Star Media Corporation, which is sometimes referred to as "The Junior People's Daily" due to its close ties to the Chinese Communist Regime, claimed on its website that "In order to introduce Chinese culture to the mainstream society in Chicago, China Star Media Corporation has overcome many obstacles and organized in a short period of two months, The First World Peace New Year's Gala in Chicago.

"We successfully held the performance on Jan. 6 at the same theater where the Chinese New Year Spectacular hosted by NTDTV will be held. We have efficiently obstructed this Falun Gong show which is scheduled to perform in March.

"Also, on Jan. 1, we started the China Star English Channel, which is a milestone of China Star Media Corporation and a great improvement for China Star Media Corporation to proactively undertake the tasks concerning propaganda for China."

On Feb. 17, The Beijing Overseas Chinese Art Group sent a group of several dozen people to Chicago to perform.

The 2007 Chicago-Shanghai Chinese Lantern Festival Performance sponsored by the Shanghai City government, Shanghai People's Congress Standing Committee and Shanghai Wenguang Corporation, was scheduled to be held on March 3, the same day as the Chinese New Year Spectacular.

The Wenguang Corporation organized a large group of eighty performers, including famous stars from Taiwan and Mainland China. However, three days before the show, the host held a press conference to cancel the show. According to the host, the show was canceled because the performers were unable to obtain visas to enter the U.S.

The Chicago affiliate of NBC (the U.S. National Broadcast Company) WMAQ Channel 5 reported Feb. 6 on the interference with the Spectacular in Chicago,"Someone in China has been tying up their phone lines, and the consulate has been calling the events sponsors, include NBC 5 T.V."

The reporter goes on to say that "The Chinese Consulate says it is discouraging people from attending the show" and then the report shows Dr. Yi Liu of the Sound of Hope explaining that sponsors of the Spectacular have received phone calls or letters from the Consulate telling them "not to support our event."

According to the NTDTV Web site, NTDTV's Chinese New Year Spectacular started in 2004 (when it was called the Chinese New Year Gala). The first gala held in 2004 had performances in five cities, with 10,000 tickets sold. Today, the show has expanded to 28 cities with 78 performances around the world. According to the spokesperson for NTDTV, 200,000 tickets are expected to be sold worldwide for the Spectacular tour.

The Chinese Communist regime each year sponsors "The Spring Festival Show." The rapid growth of the Spectacular is a direct challenge to the primacy of this show in Chinese-language communities.

The following is the text of the highly classified document

To: The Broadcasting and Television Bureaus in each province, autonomous region, and directly administered municipality (Signature and stamping required upon receipt)

Classification: Highly confidential; Classification No.: XXXXX

Re: The incident of "Falun Gong" Plotting for the "Inaugural Global Chinese New Year Gala"

The Broadcasting and Television Bureaus in each province, autonomous region, and directly administered municipality:

It was learned that the "NTDTV Station" by "Falun Gong" is expediting the recording of the "Inaugural Global Chinese New Year Gala" and is planning to broadcast it on January 18, 19 and 21 next year. The gala lasted about 100 minutes, and will be broadcast globally via three satellites leased by the "Washington DC Chinese Television Station" (with Taiwanese background), with one of the satellites, NSS-6, covering regions of Asia. The "Falun Gong" organization is also plotting to propagate the gala through DVDs and radio broadcasting networks. Li Hongzhi is planning to show up on the site of the gala to make a live speech. The "Falun Gong" organization is also planning to invite VIPs of the American government, diplomats to the U.N. from various countries, Chinese celebrities, and people from the entertainment and athletic circles to attend the gala, in an attempt to expand the international impact of "Falun Gong" through the gala and interfere with the broadcasting of the CCTV's Spring Festival Show. Currently, "Falun Gong" is, in the name of "Chinese Television" or the "NTDTV Station", "interviewing celebrities" in various places and will use the interviews in their gala. The intended targets of their interviews are the unknowing members of the delegations from China.

For the aforementioned activities, the leadership of the Central Government has ordered that they be destroyed by any and all means. If the situation is such that it is not possible to destroy them, we need to contain them and minimize their impact, so as to prevent them from interfering with our Spring Festival Show.

The Broadcasting and Television Bureaus at various levels are required to implement the order from the central government seriously and raise their guard. It is prohibited for the personnel of your unit to be interviewed; it is prohibited for our delegates visiting overseas countries to watch any related shows; it is prohibited to spread the "Falun Gong" programs. In the meantime, our overseas propaganda needs to be intensified in order to eliminate the impact caused by these activities of "Falun Gong." Any important developments are required to be reported to the Central Government in a timely manner.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television December 16, 2003

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