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'Thank You For Showing Us the True Chinese Culture!'
The Epoch Times

PARIS—The appearance of the Chinese New Year Spectacular in Paris last Saturday provoked a powerful internal enlivening for more than 7000 spectators. Captivated by the performances before their eyes, many had the feeling of entering a new world.

In different parts of the Palais des Congres Concert Hall people could be seen with tears rolling down their cheeks. As a consequence, during intermission, many could only smile and murmur, "wonderful, wonderful" without elaborating further on their strong impressions. The Epoch Times managed to obtain and document feedback from French VIPs attending a cocktail party offered by New Tang Dynasty Television after the show. Excerpts follow:

Patricia Schillinger, Senator of Haut-Rhin:

"I liked everything, music, songs, everything was very good, the deep values of Chinese tradition… we do discover them with the Spectacular. It is crucial to learn these values, and the lessons of history."
Emmanuel Fessy, Director of Culture Department of the newspaper Le Figaro:

" It is the Spectacular that brings us tradition as well as modernity. I really like the Erhu, it was very touching, but all dance performances were very interesting and beautiful."
Jacques Roques, TV network CEO:

"What I have seen is a Spectacular of immense beauty, the message that is conveyed through dances, colors, songs is a message of hope, a wonderful return into the history of China. One can feel such a magnificence… and comes out purified by this great moment. The message is so powerful. Behind the message of peace one sees very well the persecution that still exists in China; we all hope it will disappear."
Therese, opera singer:

"I found this evening wonderful, sublime, the artistic level is extremely high, I have been touched to the point of crying, deeply touched, that was coming from the heart, that was coming from the soul."
Marie-Françoise Lamperti, President of Action for Human Rights:

"Thank you for this wonderful Spectacular. It was very beautiful, very professional and very artistic, that gives a voice back to the cultures of the different regions of China; that all was very moving because we can see a spiritual dimension that China has lost."
Joel Hervieu, city mayor of Acon, president of South Eure community:

"Very very good, there is in this Spectacular an elegance very representative of Chinese expression. It is a nice Spectacular, dresses, dances…the performance about the Dunhuang craftman was very expressive. One could see here fundamental values of serenity and respect."
Fabrice Orlandi, Lawyer:
"Nice evening during which we have learn a lot on Chinese culture and history. The dances were charming, I loved the White Lotus dance, this does symbolise peace–and China needs it."
Unidentified lady:

"Absolutely charming, many nice costumes in the Spectacular, and the movements were so harmonious. This is a Spectacular I will recommend to my friends, the dancers, the singers, the costumes were all excellent."

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