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Xin Nian Hao! (Happy New Year!)

"Certainly put this on your calendar for the next Chinese New Year."
-Bob Anthony, Performing Arts

"Every performance was stunning."
-Aaron Cohen, Producer, WNYC

"In a word, I was simply captivated!"
-Paul Joseph Walkowski, Opera Online

"NTDTV's incredible Spectacular has become the number one way
for New York families to celebrate the New Year. Don't miss it. "
-Rita Cosby, Host and Correspondent, MSNBC

Xin Nian Hao! (Happy New Year!)

NTDTV brings the divine beauty of the ancient East to life with its now-legendary Chinese New Year Spectacular! This year the Spectacular is grander than ever, touring 26 cities worldwide with more than 1000 performers. Our NYC flagship show returns to Radio City Music Hall for seven performances. Preceding the New Year, NTDTV presents Holiday Wonders, a heartwarming blend of traditional Chinese performing arts and Western holiday classics, exclusively in NYC at the Beacon Theatre. Both NYC shows are supported by a full, live orchestra!

From the soulful poignancy of the two-stringed erhu to the stirring rhythms of a Mongolian plains dance, NTDTV’s Holiday Wonders and Chinese New Year Spectacular are truly events not to be missed. So this year, step out of the ordinary and into a realm of mythical dragons, heavenly maidens, and exhilarating drummers with the leader in genuine Chinese cultural entertainment, New Tang Dynasty Television.

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