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Dancing With Meaning
James Burke, The Epoch Times

Traditional Chinese dance has more meaning and depth than contemporary dance, says a leading Chinese dance artist.

Speaking at the recent launch for the upcoming New Tang Dynasty TV's (NTDTV) Chinese New Year Spectacular, dancer Wang Xue-Jun said performing traditional Chinese dance was an opportunity not available to many artists.

"[Traditional Chinese dancing] is so different to contemporary dance which is just whatever you want to do," says the Beijing born Mr Wang who immigrated to Australia in 1991.

"In Chinese traditional dance – you have a role and you still have to find something within it [as a dancer].

"It is like the Chinese language - there are many meanings behind it, inside each character," Mr Wang said.

Trained in classical ballet and traditional Chinese dance, Mr Wang moved to Australia because: "At that time I wanted more freedom to dance, freedom for what I say and what I see."

He would dance for the Sydney Festival Ballet and since 1992 has been a member of the Sydney Dance Company.

"I found that freedom when I came overseas in western countries but I lost my Chinese side of my culture," says Mr Wang.

"So that's why when I first heard NTDTV wants to hold a New Year Gala I really wanted to do it…it was a very good opportunity."

Last year in the US he was lead dancer for the NTDTV Gala in several dance sequences. "The main difference [with the Gala] is that it is 100 per cent Chinese culture," says Mr Wang, "It is pure, it's not like dancing in China where there is too much political stuff – the Communist party wants you to do this, to do that. Where is the Chinese traditional culture? That's why I didn't want to dance in China a long time ago – that's why I came overseas to the West."

This month Mr Wang will be in New York City, US, dancing in Holiday Wonders, a combination of Western and Chinese arts that preludes the 2007 NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular which tours Australia in March.

The Chinese New Year Spectacular will be held in Australia at the Canberra Theatre, ACT on March 21, 2007.

NTDTV is an independent, nonprofit Chinese language TV broadcaster based in New York.

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