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New Yorkers React to Horror of Sujiatun
James Fish

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Falun Gong practitioners have held many parades through New York City, and have demonstrated both the beauty of their practice and the horrors of the persecution in of Falun Gong in China. None of these events had the emotional impact of last weekend's march through downtown Manhattan.

The parade had three sections, each with a separate theme: The traditional Chinese exercise and meditation practice of Falun Gong, The persecution in China and the Chinese people's reaction, including nine-and-a-half million quitting the Chinese Communist party; and the section that really moved spectators, the news of the recently-revealed Sujiatun Death Camp , where Falun Gong practitioners are imprisoned until their organs are needed for transplant to the wealthy.

Brutal, inhuman, appalling; almost everyone asked replied with these words. There are limits to what words can express. How can one speak of the unspeakable?

If everyone responded with the same words, they also showed the same reaction: shock, revulsion, horror, and a pain that drove deep into their hearts. No one was unmoved.

Rose Aussenac, who traveled from Normandy, France with sixteen friends to take part in the parade, described her reaction to first hearing about the organ-harvesting in Sujiatun: "I was appalled, shattered – I couldn't stop thinking about it. After World War II people said this sort of thing would never happen again. It is so sad."

A lady from New York and her companion, visiting from Ireland, agreed. "We should know more about this [persecution.] So many people need to know what is going on. This is shocking." "It's an eye-opener," seconded the gentleman."

Two young New York natives talked about the situation in China. They were aware that police in China could imprison people for up to three years without a trial but had not heard the details about the organ-harvesting.

"So the American media won't report on the death Camp because they say they need 'confirmation'?" asked one. "Then they go to the Chinese government to get more information. It's a Catch-22."

Henry Barreras, an activist from Miami Florida, said, "There is torture and prison camps in my native Cuba, but this, stealing organs, cremating people to hide the evidence, just to make a profit- this is horrible. It is not human."

Two well-dressed ladies from New York City examined photos of Falun Gong practitioner Ma Xuejun before he was arrested and after he had been starved almost to death in a CCP prison for refusing to give up his faith in Falun Gong. "That's bad…. That's very, very bad…" Their shocked expressions and the pain in their voices said so much more than their words could.

Many New Yorkers agreed that the world would be a better place without the CCP. One couple, out walking their dog next to the parade route, when asked about the nine million who quit, replied, "Good for them. I think it would absolutely be a good thing if the CCP dissolved." Another young lady said simply, "Yes, I hope the Chinese Communist Party breaks up; the reasons should be obvious."

Three vacationers from Georgia echoed her views. "I'd rather see some kind of a democracy there," explained one, "but the transition might be tough."

A gentleman visiting from Washington DC had read in Time Magazine about the government shooting people protesting government land-grabs (please see our section on the Shanwei Massacre. ) He saw it as a Free Speech issue; "Even in a communist country people should have a right to express their opinions."

One young man, who was raising funds to help homeless children, stopped his work to share the hope he saw in the Chinese people who found the courage to quit the party. "We have come a long way as a people and to see these people get away from communism is just beautiful. There are some groups of people that just persecute others terribly. To see these people overcoming that is just beautiful."

Finally, one young man, in town from New Jersey, commented on a passing float featuring people demonstrating the Falun Gong exercises and meditation.

"I picked up a CD one day from a sidewalk display about the practice and the persecution, in the city, a while ago. To me it's just a cultural matter- the Chinese people have a right to choose to practice this or not."

"I don't see why the CCP persecutes these people. This is such a peaceful practice, and it is in no way harmful. I see no reason for the CCP to persecute it.

"I am not ready to start the practice myself or anything, but I think it is a good way of living."

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