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An Open Letter Urging Global Legal Professionals to Support the Hunger Strike
International Advocates for Justice

Registered at Washington D.C. in early 2004, the "International Advocates for Justice" is an international non-governmental organization composed of human right lawyers and legal professionals around the world. On February 23, 2006, the "International Advocates for Justice" sent an open letter to urge legal professionals around the world to participate in the "Hunger Strike Protesting Persecution against Right Activists." Below is the text of the open letter:

Dear Legal Professionals:

We are a human right organization composed of legal professionals around the world.

Lamentably, basic human rights of the 1.3 billion Chinese people have been ignored and deprived for over eighty years under the Chinese Communist regime's autocratic rule.

It is gratifying to learn that renowned attorney Gao Zhisheng and other human right activists in China have persisted in upholding judicial justice and the spirit of ruling by law, notwithstanding the Chinese Communist's regime authoritarian rule;

It is highly distressing to learn that renowned attorney Gao Zhisheng, other human right activists and their families in China have become targets of the ongoing political persecution because of their persistence in upholding basic human rights;

It is all the more disconcerting to learn that their lives are at risk;

In protest, Gao Zheshen and other human rights attorneys in China have initiated a "hunger strike" campaign.

We the undersigned endorse the courage of these attorneys and support fully the "hunger strike" campaign they have initiated in China.

We are firmly convinced that with your support and the support of other legal professionals around the world, we will be able to draw more people's attention to the importance of "defending fundamental rights" in China, and also encourage some of the more disadvantaged Chinese legal professionals and other Chinese people to bravely stand up to defend their civil rights. This way, the tragedy during which numerous Chinese people have lost their basic human rights on Chinese soil, due to the Chinese Communist regime's autocratic rule over the past 80-plus years, can finally be ended.

We earnestly urge you to take a look at the reports about the "Hunger Strike Protesting Persecution against Right Activists" initiated by attorney Gao Zhisheng and other legal professionals, online at Please also kindly circulate this letter and join this "Hunger Strike" attended by global legal professionals:

We hope that you can set aside one day to participate in a 24-hour hunger strike, and if possible, kindly write a brief statement of your support, including your comments from the perspective of a legal professional. Please send your feedback to the email address, Please indicate your occupation (attorney, judge, congressman, professor, law service, law school student, etc.) and whether you accept having your comments published. We appreciate your righteous support.

Let's defend basic human rights for everyone everywhere.

Sincerely yours,

International Advocates For Justice

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