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Congratulations to the 7 Million People Withdrawing from the CCP
Montreal Service Center for Quitting the CCP Applauds Courageous Chinese
Wenwen, The Epoch Times

Since the publication of The Nine Commentaries on the CCP , to let more people understand the evil nature of the CCP and break away from the control of the evil specter, the Montreal Service Center for Quitting the CCP was established. It is now over one year old.

In the beginning, people regarded the venture as getting too involved in politics, but now as more and more people read the Nine Commentaries with a critical eye, they have withdrawn from all the affiliated organizations of the evil CCP. Some have even taken the initiative to help volunteer at the service center and to send the Nine Commentaries and withdrawal information to their relatives, friends and colleagues.

The information is also spread to thousands of families in mainland China through telephone and mail. The volunteers' wish is that at the moment when heaven is eliminating the CCP, the futures of more people can be secured.

The following information is from what volunteers have seen recently in Montreal service center:

During the New Year, the number of Chinese people shopping in Chinatown is much higher than usual, and this was a good opportunity to spread the Nine Commentaries . Volunteers found that the Chinese people have changed significantly. More and more people accept the Nine Commentaries ; one can see the joy shining on their faces from the bottom of their hearts.

When receiving the book from volunteers, some people said, "I already have it," or that they already took the book home. Some people gave the thumbs-up to the volunteers, and some people patted their pocket and said sincerely, "I already have it, thank you!"

One volunteer met a lady in Chinatown who travels abroad to attend a conference every year. After getting the book and VCD of the Nine Commentaries , she said that she wasn't in the mood to attend the conference. She just wanted to read the book every day in the hotel and was eager to bring it back to China.

A university professor who had just left China listened to the speeches at the Chinatown withdrawal rally. After the rally, he spoke with volunteers from the service center and said over and over again that no one believes in the CCP in China. He said, "What you have done here should be known by all the people in China, especially those in business circles. If they know it they will definitely support it and that will accelerate the demise of the CCP."

After going home in the evening he sent an email to the volunteers and said that attending the event and sharing with the volunteers was very meaningful. He expressed his appreciation over and over again and asked the volunteers to notify him if such activities were to be held in the future.

One old gentleman, who had personally witnessed the crimes of the CCP during its early years, said after seeing the Nine Commentaries picture show, "I always felt the CCP was bad. When I was young I was almost labeled rightist because I said that foreign technology developed really fast. Since then I have immersed myself in studying technology. At that time all of my brothers firmly believed in the CCP, joined the party and became officials. At that time, they always criticized me for taking the 'White Expert Way' and not devoting myself to the party. After the Cultural Revolution, I immediately went abroad. Later, my brother experienced all the campaigns in China. He sent his five kids abroad and told me, 'You are right, the CCP is really bad.'"

An elderly lady who had left China for the first time two weeks ago on vacation had never seen the Nine Commentaries . She said while looking at the picture show, "This is exactly what we experienced. My husband just passed away. Before he died he told me that joining the CCP was the wrong path." She promised to read the Nine Commentaries and come back the next week.

In front of the Nine Commentaries picture show, three elderly Chinese spoke loudly in Cantonese when commenting on the pictures of the Cultural Revolution. The volunteers asked them if they had lived in mainland China and experienced the persecution. One of the old men pointed to the picture and said, "It will never be forgotten."

A young man came to withdraw from the Chinese Youth League (CYL). Judging from his age, the volunteers thought that he hadn't really suffered much. However he said, "Although I was just a few years old during Cultural Revolution so I probably shouldn't remember anything, but I still remember it and how painful it was. When my father sent to the mountains for re-education, and my mother was also not at home. I was at home by myself with nothing to eat, and I was so hungry I went to the mountains to chop bamboo shoots. Actually, it is more correct to say I ate bamboo rather than bamboo shoots and you can guess how uncomfortable the stomach is after eating it. I can never forget that feeling."

The young man also talked about how because his family's origins were not good, his parents were attacked and he was discriminated against by teachers and classmates in school.

An old couple who had come to Canada to visit their daughter and were soon to return to China came to the office to withdraw from the CCP and said they would be safe even upon their return.

Another gentleman knew a lot about the evilness of the CCP and has done some research into it. He reads almost every issue of The Epoch Times . He said, " The Epoch Times is really good. If it can capture political power, it will be better." A volunteer said, "According to what I understand, The Epoch Times is the only foreign media that dares to speak the truth. The purpose of publishing the series of The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is to expose the CCP's evil nature, to wake up Chinese who for decades have been brainwashed and to ask them not to believe the CCP's lies, and be freed from the sea of suffering. After the CCP falls and all the people have woken up, the future will be beautiful."

Another reader of The Epoch Times called his friend in China to introduce the Nine Commentaries , but his friend said that he got it from the email and already read it. They now all talk about the quitting the party.

This reader also said that he has a 79-year-old friend who is in bad health. He has dialysis three times a week. However, he also goes out to get The Epoch Times twice a week. When he cannot get out he asks his grandson to get it for him. Some people think this old man won't get to see the downfall of the CCP, but he said with full confidence, "I will definitely see it."

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