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The U.S. Faces CCP’s “Operation Decapitation”
By The Epoch Times

The term “Operation Decapitation,” the code name the U.S. uses for its military action in Iraq, has become fashionable. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has recently begun to borrow the term to express its thinking as it tries to escape its doom.

In a recent article entitled “China’s Major Strategy in the Next 20 Years,” Lieutenant General Liu Yazhou, deputy political commissar of China’s air force, and son-in-law of China’s former president Li Xiannian, described China’s Operation Decapitation against the U.S. this way: “the U.S. is the head of the forces for Taiwan’s independence, and it is important to first cut off this head.”

President Hu Jintao of China will visit the U.S. in September. It will be a sensitive time for Sino-U.S. relations and also a moment of global focus on the U.S. and China. How should we look at the U.S., China, and the CCP? How can we look through layers of mist and see the true nature?

The U.S., a great nation that has achieved its brilliance within a short period of 200-plus years, is facing unprecedented challenges today. While under the threat from terrorists, it is in for a quietly approaching crisis of an even more dire nature. Has the U.S. been fully alerted and taken effective measures—that is a question that will affect the future of the U.S. and even the fate of mankind.

The CCP is challenging the faith of the U.S. in human dignity and, through exploiting the false image of its economic boom, has succeeded in silencing the outside criticism of its human rights record by offering economic benefits. The continuation of the numbness and callousness already evident in the Western bloc headed by the U.S. will prove to be a huge calamity for humanity.

The Change in the World’s Pattern and the Predicament of the U.S.

After the Cold War ended, Europe, in its attempt to seek equal status with the U.S., began to court Russia and China to contain the U.S. Asian nations are trying to free themselves of the U.S. clout, particularly, with China starting to seek hegemony and North Korea doubling its efforts to increase its ability to confront the U.S. by acquiring nuclear weapons. A corrupt and incompetent United Nations, is unable to play a fair role in international affairs. The attacks on the U.S. by the terrorists has depleted the U.S. of large amounts of human, financial, and material resources.

Will the U.S. be marginalized? Will the U.S. still be able to undertake its responsibilities for maintaining and promoting the cause of freedom? Where will the biggest challenge to the U.S. in the future come from? The answers to all the above questions will test the values, resolve, wisdom and ability of the U.S.

In the face of terrorist attacks, the U.S. has not faltered, and has shown unprecedented resolve by taking decisive and effective measures. And yet, a larger challenge is quietly but surely emerging. This challenge is far more daunting than the extremists’ terrorism because it is larger in scale, deeper in menace, and most of all harder to detect. And that threat is none other than the CCP’s export of alternative terrorism.

The Biggest Challenge and Threat to the U.S.

Though the war on terror has been on the top of the U.S. agenda, the small number of extremist terrorists could not possibly pose the biggest threat to the U.S. They obviously could not cause a substantive impact on the U.S. society as a whole, still less will they be able to shake the foundation of the U.S. society. The terrorists are far inferior in terms of morality, economics, human resources, and operations, a fact that would enable the U.S. to easily mobilize a world alliance against terrorism and achieve a quick victory.

The threat from the CCP, however, is far more menacing.

The CCP’s Nature Remains Unchanged

For decades the CCP has been lying low, waiting for its time to come, and yet its nature has not changed one bit. While it energetically develops its economy, the CCP stands still politically, and has regressed in recent years in human rights. Christians, Catholics, family church goers, democracy activists, and journalists are being suppressed; tens of millions of Falun Gong practitioners are being persecuted, with thousands of them brutally killed. The violence and the terror it has caused, are to sustain the tyranny of the CCP’s one party rule. Lies about SARS and the house arrest of Dr. Jiang Yanyong are sufficient to prove that the CCP treats the lives of the Chinese people and the people of other nations as dirt. The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party published by the Epoch Times at the end of 2004 give a most in-depth account of the CCP’s nature.

A CCP That Has Become More Sly

Unlike any other political entity and totalitarians, the CCP, after 80 years of fighting for its survival, knows well how to deal with its own people and the criticism from outside.

Exploiting the desire of the Chinese people for development, and through the bit of growth after decades of economic stagnation, the CCP created a false image of economic boom with fake economic data and the few showcases of foreign investments and concentration of wealth. It has tried to prove its legitimacy by putting up a staged show to the people. Also, the CCP has managed to incite the strong nationalist sentiments by taking advantage of the Chinese nation’s resolve to resist foreign insults, label all overseas criticism as forces against China, and thus stabilize its rule through encouraging xenophobia.

Meanwhile, the CCP is observing a policy of elitism in order to more forcefully silence the voice for independence among people. In doing so, the CCP is actively buying talents in economic, social, and cultural fields, depriving the public of spokespersons, while creating false hope for the helpless people that there might be prosperity ahead.

The Chinese Government and Nation Are Abducted by the CCP

In a setting where morality is declining and the public sees no way out, people take their chances and spend all of their energy and ability to become elitists. Once they succeed, they will become the tools and supporters of the totalitarian regime, their conscience gone, driven by their vested interests, and captive to the Party’s regulations.

Through such well-planned false images of the economic boom, and the fear among the people generated by CCP’s various murderous political movements and tightly controlled public opinion and intimidation, the CCP has achieved an unprecedented success in maintaining totalitarian order in China, while most Chinese are left hopeless. A small number of them feel happy after they get some privileges from authorities and the public who do not know the truth are filled with xenophobic emotions. In short, the CCP has total control of China’s government, and the whole country and nation have been abducted. And this is the fundamental reason that the people find it hard to see, and dare not see, clearly what the CCP is, and the reason that they are unable to adopt an effective response.

Fooling the West with Cheap Tricks

In dealing with pressure from the international community, the CCP has successfully created an illusion of economic prosperity, using economic interests to silence criticism over its human rights record.

For developed countries, the CCP uses a large number of contracts to lure big corporations into lobbying their own governments, and buying off politicians in Western countries. France is an example. To escape economic difficulties the country was facing, French politicians not only turned a blind eye to China’s human rights problems, but also willingly lobbied the E.U. to remove the weapons embargo on behalf of the CCP, at the high cost of long-term interest, the spirit of the French people, and the interest of other E.U. members.

In the meantime, the CCP also uses sly rhetoric and economic-incensed diplomacy to ensnare Western democratic countries into accepting the CCP’s rules of the game. Although Western countries have continued a human rights dialogue with the CCP with high expectations, these fruitless exchanges are widely criticized and have also become the laughing stock of CCP officials behind the scene—that the CCP has managed to fool officials from Western countries with cheap tricks. Their evidence of human rights improvement, including the release of a few prisoners of conscience, and the conducting of village-level elections, was all tightly controlled by the CCP. No change of substance has occurred. However, it did achieve one result: giving Western society the illusion that the CCP is changing, or making citizens of the Western countries believe that changes have indeed happened.

Using “cooperation” as leverage, the CCP took advantage of the United States’ need to fight terrorism and the North Korea dilemma to suppress the United States’ efforts to support freedom and human rights, thereby damaging the founding principles of the United States.

On the issue of the war against terror and the spread of weapons, the United States’ effort to obtain cooperation from the CCP is ill-fated. The reason being that the CCP would absolutely not want to miss this opportunity to delay, distract, or even overwhelm the United States. The CCP has never been afraid of lying. On the one hand, it promises the United States cooperation; on the other hand, it spreads massive numbers of weapons without restraint under the table. All the CCP needs is a time delay. As soon as it accumulates enough strength, it will not hesitate to have a face-off with the United States.

The CCP Cultivates Spokespersons in Different Countries

The CCP also uses the democratic system in Western countries to cultivate its own spokespersons in these countries and to dispatch spies en masse. According to former Australian based Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin, the CCP has over 1,000 spies in Australia. There are even more Chinese spies in Canada and the United States.

The CCP also buy off other countries with poor human rights records, to speak in favor of the CCP and to oppose the United States. Under the attack of the CCP’s economic incentive-based diplomacy, the United Nations has become an exhibition hall of the CCP’s diplomatic operations. Although the countries all know that everyday, there are people arrested, persecuted, or even killed by the Chinese government, many countries are still silent on the issue of China’s human rights.

The United Nations is on the decline, failing its original mission to uphold justice in the world. But these failures that play against humanity and historic trends are used by the CCP to showcase its diplomatic “triumphs” and brainwash its people.

CCP’s “Operation Decapitation” to the US

The US and the Chinese Communist Party are on opposite sides of human morality. The CCP uses lies and violence to deceive and cause fear. This is incompatible with values of freedom and human rights held by the rest of the world. With the rise of democracy and freedom, dictatorships inevitably disintegrate but with the expansion of dictatorships, freedom inevitably dies.

The CCP sees that the rest of the world is moving toward freedom, but it has made up its mind to resist being a part of it. The CCP does not believe in heavenly principles and instead gains pleasure from struggling with heaven and earth. The CCP sees the US as a target it must closely monitor because the US, a strong country, firmly upholds values of freedom and democracy. The CCP’s major objective is to contain the US, disintegrate US alliances and infiltrate American society.

Toward this end, the CCP manipulates Europe’s desire to oppose and share power with the US, to spread anti-US propaganda, making the US seem dominating and straining cooperation between the US and some European countries. At the same time, the CCP uses Europe to better its economy. In opening the Chinese market, the CCP entices countries that were once US allies to its own side. France’s pro-communist view is a good example.

The CCP also expands its influence in its own region. Beside North Korea and Pakistan, the CCP strengthened its influence in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia and India. According to former CCP officials, Australia and other Oceanic counties are also political targets for CCP’s influence. The Australian government’s treatment of Chen Yonglin before the involvement of the media, exposes the degree to which the CPP has infiltrated the country.

The CCP also uses the openness of US society to extend its influence. It uses differing opinions to divide the American government and create internal strife. There is a special interest group of 27 people in the Chinese Embassy in D.C, who are in charge of issues relating to lobbying U.S Congress.

Large Companies Speak for the CCP

The CCP shows foreigners a contrived front, making them into unsuspecting diplomats for the Chinese government by promising them the Chinese market. The CCP invites American companies, officials and media on “imperial visits” to China. The distinguished guests are treated to good receptions and carefully shown a false side of China. They are unwittingly manipulated to be mouthpieces of the CCP.

When media and officials visit China, they are deceived by what they perceive as the public’s good opinion of China. The CCP has severely polluted and distorted the Chinese people’s thoughts after half a century under its education and propaganda. Due to their fear of the authorities, Chinese people take the initiative to say whatever the government wants. This is how the CCP has ensured that the public’s “opinion” reflects the CCP’s own ideas.

Without freedom of information, there is no true public opinion. What foreigners see are Chinese people under the influence of state-run media, which shadow the CCP’s thoughts. Unfortunately, many observers of China in Western society, diplomats and those who have visited China do not realize that this goes on.

The CCP is even able to corrupt large American companies. The CCP maintains its regime by corruption. In a study of over 670 branch offices of the four large commercial banks in 85 cities nationwide, as many as 98% of the banks have false financial statements, with two to seven different account books to fool the investigators. This kind of financial corruption is moving toward larger financial groups from the U.S. U.S. companies Yahoo, Google and Cisco leave behind the principle of freedom. According to Ethan Gutman’s book Losing the New China, these companies now help filter out so-called sensitive vocabularies such as human rights, freedom, and Falun Gong, for the CCP and assist the authorities to find and block websites that advocate democracy.

The CCP Infiltrates Overseas Chinese Communities

The CCP infiltrates and controls overseas communities by using bribes and promises of political power. Many overseas Chinese groups and active community members are bribed to be spokespeople for the CCP The CCP infiltrates and controls communities abroad, repressing Chinese associations that promote democracy and freedom, and even individuals who hold different views than the CCP. Many active members of Chinese Communities have been found to be the CCP’s spokesmen.

Once people are in contact with the CCP, they are easily deceived by its fake smiles and promises, causing them to loosen their standards of human rights and morality. When dealing with the CCP for a long time, people tend to become desensitized, and unknowingly lower one’s own standards of human rights and morality. It is very possible that we have already completely lost our consciousness, and forgotten our most important values and principles.

The CCP Attempts to Dissolve Crisis with War

It would be underestimating the CCP to think that it is satisfied with carrying out resistance against the US only in a traditional sense.

CCP authorities once conducted a large-scale online survey on Sina Net. For the question “Would you fire on women, children, and prisoners of war?” over 80% chose “yes.” The CCP has been very successful in brainwashing its citizens so that they will fire on children just as they once cheered instead of mourned after the 9/11 tragedy. What is the CCP trying to accomplish by asking such an inhuman question during a time of peace?

Government officials engineered the survey, according to a top level CCP official. The survey was to find out if people would support or oppose a large-scale massacre created by the CCP to promote global development. The survey wanted to know if the country’s future fighting personnel were willing to kill on the scale necessary for the kind of slaughter the CCP has in mind.

Top-level CCP officials have already realized that communism is dying in China. The CCP will risk anything, even a foreign war, to help it survive. Instead of letting communism die, the CCP wants to restrain the natural course of China’s development and drag the world’s people into its own process of disintegration. The CCP is actively developing high tech weapons, including “clean” nuclear weapon and genetic and biological weapons. This technology can wipe out as many as 200 million Americans.

Many people regard these opinions and thoughts as insane, as if they are a joke. Seeing it as a joke, however, would be a big mistake. Marxism believes that through violence new societies are born. To achieve its goals, communists spare nothing and will sacrifice everything. In the past, communist regimes have never cared about human life and have wantonly killed others. Under the CCP’s rule, 80 million people have died. Fifty years ago, Mao Zedong claimed that he would not hesitate to start a nuclear war that would have killed 300 million Chinese people -at that time, China’s total population was only about 500 million.

CCP’s Belief: Depend on Violence and Ignore Human Lives

A few years ago, talks about “Unrestricted War” surfaced in China. Not too long ago, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) passed the Anti-Secession law that threatened to attack Taiwan if it pushed for formal statehood. Recently, a high-ranking official in the CCP calmly argued for nuclear war as a necessity to save the CCP. These actions and talks are not only supported and tacitly approved by Party officials, but also widely accepted by the Chinese people. The international communities are already finding it difficult to comprehend how the CCP’s long-term brainwashing of its people could engender such thinking.

The latest twists and progression of events are not coincidental but rather carefully deployed by the CCP as it throws its final dice. It is frantically and irrationally using war and nationalism to strive for fascism in order to save itself from its downfall. In accordance with CCP beliefs, it depends on violence while ignoring human lives in the meantime.

The CCP has centralized control over all of China’s political, economic and technological resources, not to mention public opinion. Its obsession with inspiring nationalism and slaughtering women, the weak, and prisoners of war, all stand as evidence. The CCP’s system of extreme control can quickly implement decisions made by top-level officials. A few scholars pointed out that during a battle between dictatorship and democracy, dictatorship would, in the short run, have the upper hand.

As soon as the CCP’s meticulously-planned goals fall into place, mankind will face unprecedented disaster. This type of terrorism is systematic, powerful, and controls over a billion people. The harm done will be beyond comparison to that done by any other terrorist group. Its threat to peace cannot be compared to that of other countries such as North Korea.

The CCP is not China and it does not represent China. The CCP is using violence to seize and maintain all resources to meet its own political objective. It is most vital for the Chinese people and international communities to distinguish the CCP from China.

The CCP’s Strongest Hold is on the World’s Thirst for Economic Gains and Neglect of Human Morals

It is not that the US is not capable of dealing with the CCP’s threats. The US only needs ideals, foresight and faith.

During President Bush’s inauguration speech, he mentioned that the US needed ideals and courage. That statement is particularly true when facing the problems of the CCP. The CCP’s strongest grip is on the world’s pursuit for economic gains and neglect of human morals and ethics. It is because the Western societies have backed off that the CCP has had the means to reach its current state. The CCP uses overseas funds, and paints a false image of its prosperity, thus trapping many overseas investors, officials, and governments. With such economic temptations, many countries and financial groups have chosen short-term gains, and under competition, given up on basic morals and bowed to such dictators, all just to get a little money. It is actually not necessary to sink this low because, if Western societies stood firm on their own ideals when negotiating with China, then the side that bows would be the CCP.

It is evident that U.S. corporations and officials are incapable of taking this path.

Has the U.S. Recognized this Rare Opportunity?

Under the CCP’s rule, the Chinese society is full of problems and crisis. The Chinese people are beginning to realize this because tens of thousands of mass protests take place every year in China. At the end of 2004, overseas Chinese published a series called “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” which fully revealed the CCP’s crimes. The publication has since triggered over 4 million members to resign from the Party and its affiliated organizations.

These are signs of a great change in China. But the CCP will not go down without a fight. It will use all possible tactics and unleash all violence and propaganda machines in an effort to stifle righteous actions. If the US can persistently support this movement towards democracy and human rights launched by the Chinese people, then the CCP will collapse with minimal effort and China will move towards a completely new era. So how can the US help the freedom-seeking Chinese walk the difficult path to democracy? Can the US see and grasp this rare opportunity? Is the US confident to make such a historic effort?

If information about freedom appeared out of the blue in the skies of China and allowed the Chinese to see the CCP’s violence and crimes, then the CCP would soon collapse. Is the US bold enough? In fact, Chinese democracy advocates have already made such efforts, such as intercepting state-run television broadcasts and broadcasting an independent TV program across the land of China. However, their efforts have been severely slandered by the CCP and have met with hostility. Each step is now taken with great struggle. What kind of help can the U.S. provide in such situations?

Hu’s Visit to the US Brings About a Turning Point

America is a country that has been blessed by God with grace and power. Perhaps this has been done to prepare the U.S. for its responsibilities today. America is a great country and has fought for peace in two of the largest wars in history. In addition, the U.S. achieved victory after a lengthy battle with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Hu will soon visit the US. The US will not obtain any true promises from him, because he is nothing more than a member of the Communist party, subject to Communist ideology and has no command over his will.

However, the U.S. should, as with Mikhail Gorbashev, encourage, call for, and support Hu to change Communist ideology. This undertaking is not easy, but it is a way to fundamentally change the fates of Hu, China, and the world.

If Hu is willing to take such actions, then with the full support of the Chinese people and the U.S., and under God’s protection, this righteous duty will be accomplished.

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