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Hu Jintao’s Trump Card
By Wang Yifeng

With China becoming the center of attention on the world stage, many eyes focus on Hu Jintao’s upcoming visit to the United States. Oobservers have pointed out that this tour, Hu Jintao’s first as president, is of highly significance. Internationally, Hu has to overcome the preeminence of the United States. Back home, he has to deal with various forces headed by Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, military forces and local powers. He cannot afford to make any mistakes, and he must earn the respect of all these internal forces.

If one looks only at the surface, one may underestimate Hu’s intelligence. From Qinghai (a remote province in China close to Tibet) to Zhongnanhai (where the CCP’s central power is located), then on to the White house, Hu is on his way to establishing himself as president of the largest nation on earth. How many storms must he weather? Hu looks ordinary, even tempered and calm, but in the end, will he be the winner in this game of consolidating his power? Despite Hu’s uncharismatic style, he is capable of following the rules of the game within the CCP.

Hu sees the crisis and stands at the crossroads to resolving it

Ten months before Hu’s trip to the US, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published. This was totally unexpected—a sharp knife cutting at the very heart of the CCP. Since then, Hu has come to understand that everything revolves around the Nine Commentaries and the flood of CCP resignations it has engendered. Hu clearly discerned the crisis but is totally at a loss, standing alone at the crossroads to resolving it.

The CCP has created a series of hapless diversions such as the campaign to “maintain the Party’s advanced nature,” the “anti-secession act,” and Chinese General Zhu Chenghu’s nuclear threat, all of which have astounded the world. These are the tactics long favored by the CCP—threats and hooligan behavior.

Everything centers around salvaging the CCP

As part of his general strategy to salvage the CCP, Hu is coming to the United States. The survival of the CCP is his greatest concern and also his true trump card. If Hu is determined to save the CCP, he might defy death and execute a major attack against the “old guard” by pushing out Jiang Zemin and the legacy of Deng Xiaoping in order to win the people’s support. However, this possibility is unlikely because of recent indications that Hu Jintao will hold a grand commemoration for Hu Yaobang’s 90th birthday in November of this year. (Hu Yaobang is the former CCP general secretary whose death triggered the Tiananmen pro-democracy movement that later culminated in the Tiananmen Student Massacre.)

If this is so, then Hu will spare no effort in order to gain the support of the United States, even giving in on many issues, especially human rights. For example, he could let the Dalai Lama return to Tibet and redress the “June 4th Tiananmen Square student massacre” and the persecution of Falun Gong. He needs to persuade the West to reach an agreement with the CCP on the issue of the Nine Commentaries and the resulting mass resignations from the Party in order to help the CCP overcome the impending disaster. If Bush does not see the workings behind this move, then it is possible the CCP will be able to use the United States to further deceive people.

Hu needs to free himself from the CCP

It will be very treacherous and risky for Hu to take the path of winning his battles with groups who support Jiang and Deng because the poisonous tumor left by Jiang and Deng is a tumor that grows on all the major arteries in the CCP. This strategy has little hope of succeeding. Hu might not be able even to protect himself in this life and death power struggle. If he really wants to survive and achieve something, Hu Jintao should first free himself from the bonds of the CCP because he is first of all a Chinese citizen, a member of the Chinese race and has no obligation to sustain the legacy of this nefarious Marxist cult. If Hu sets up a new party he will earn the greatest honor in history, and his virtue will be known by the entire world.

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