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Chen Yonglin Attends the 3 Million CCP Withdrawal Rally
Huang Yiyan

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WASHINGTON D.C. - On July 22, in the heat of summer, Washington D.C was scorching hot, reaching temperatures of 93 degrees Fahrenheit. As one approached Lincoln Memorial on July 22, voices could be heard from a far saying, “Withdraw, resign, quit the [Chinese Communist] Party as soon as possible!” More than two thousand Chinese and Western people from all walks of life, hailing from over fifty countries from all over the world gathered to shout these phrases. This was the sight of an assembly to support three million people withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party.

Participants and speakers of this assembly included Canadian members of parliament, American members of congress, as well as well-known people from all over the world who care about the future of democracy in China. They expressed their support for Chinese citizens withdrawing from such an evil organization. They also expressed their appreciation for people who were brave enough to sever themselves from the CCP.

At around 1:00 in the afternoon, former communist party diplomat, Mr. Chen Yonglin from Australia, appeared at the gathering place to thunderous applause and voices shouting “Mr. Chen Yonglin, We Welcome You” and “Mr. Chen Yonglin, We Support Your Withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party”. An old woman with a humpback went on stage to shake his hand saying, “You’re truly a good person, young man.”

Mr. Chen Yonglin, smiling said, “Today seeing so many people supporting the withdrawals from the Party, I feel especially inspired.” He said he withdrew from the CCP because he opposed the CCP and its rule but he ardently loves China and its culture.

Mr. Chen Yonglin added that after the CCP stole political power, it killed around 80 million innocent Chinese people. They are now brutally persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, who adhere to Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. He feels that the CCP is destroying the Chinese nation. For the future of the Chinese nation, he hopes that other Chinese diplomats outside of China can follow their own conscience and leave the CCP as soon as possible. Mr. Chen said, “Right now, the flood gate has been opened!”

The assembly organizer Professor Nie Sen expressed that the welcome and support from many people overseas are due to his courage to turn away from the evil cult of the CCP. Everyone knows that if he continued to follow the orders of the CCP, he would receive all kinds of material benefits. He, however, chose to follow his conscience. From a historical point of view, Chen’s wise choice has an enormous significance to the revitalization of the Chinese nation.

Mr. Chen Yonglin was invited to testify in front of the United States Congress addressing the persecution of Falun Gong and the perpetual human rights violations in China. Following this, he participated in the Washington D.C. gathering to support the three million people who have withdrawn their membership from the CCP.

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