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Resignations from the CCP Hit 3 Million
Zhang Wen

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According to statistics from The Epoch Times Tuidang website, today the number of published resignation statements has succeeded three million and it is continuing to climb.

The resignations come from people wishing to denounce and renounce their old and current membership with the CCP and its related organizations. The CCP has tried but failed to completely ban the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in China. Recently to the Chinese government’s dismay, programs about the Nine Commentaries and the resignations interrupted the airwaves of Chinese Central Television (CCTV).

This July is Global Resignation month and as the resignations hit 3 million, the CCP’s fight to maintain its power is looking like a lost cause.

It was announced on July 1, 2005, the CCP’s birthday, that July 1 would be “CCP Global Resignation Day” and that the month of July would be the “CCP Global Resignation Month”. People from all parts of the world have held voluntary activities to support the global resignation from the CCP. People from France, Sydney, Los Angeles and San Francisco, to name a few all participated. In the first half of 2005, people from 50 large cities around the world have held 300 indoor seminars and nearly 100 outdoor public rallies and demonstrations supporting the renouncement of the CCP and the truth The Nine Commentaries holds about the CCP.

More than 3,000 well-known intellectuals, experts, political leaders, leaders of Chinese communities, members of democratic movements and people who were persecuted by the CCP participated in these discussions regarding the evil nature of the CCP and the man-made disasters it has brought upon China, Chinese people and all of humankind.

On July 3 in the evening, 25 TV channels in China including CCTV were interrupted with programs about The Nine Commentaries and the millions of resignations from the CCP. This news, which was previously blocked, quickly spread in China.

On July 7, CCP officials were forced to comment on this incident for the first time. Li Jingtian, deputy head of the CCP Central Committee’s Organization Department, commented on the resignations during a press conference hosted by China’s State Council. He denied the facts of the resignations and claimed that there are only a few thousand resignations from the CCP overseas.

On July 8, Chen Yonglin, a defected Chinese diplomat, was granted a permanent protection visa by the Australian government. The Chinese Foreign Ministry objected to the visa threatening that it would impact the relationship between the two countries. On July 12, the spokesperson from the Australian Foreign Ministry responded to this comment saying that Chen Yonglin applied for protection according to the Australian laws and Australia granted him a permanent protection visa based on those laws. The Australian government did not comment anymore on this issue.

On July 9 and 10 people from different parts of Europe gathered in Paris, France, holding three continuous large-scale rallies and demonstrations to support the three million CCP renunciations.

Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice-President of the European Parliament, faxed a congratulatory note to the European CCP Renunciation Center to show his sincere support. Seeing the huge wave of the resignation from the CCP trigged by The Nine Commentaries [published by The Epoch Times in November of 2004], Edward McMillan-Scott stated that China is experiencing a tremendous change.

On July 13, The Asian Wall Street Journal published “Fleeing China,” an editorial article about Chen Yonglin, who, a defected Chinese diplomat, escaped to the free world. It stated that Chinese people could no longer bear the continuous political persecution in China, which is the real reason that Chinese people are defecting to other countries.

The next event in the Global Resignation Month is an international demonstration is on July 22 in Washington D.C. A series of international events will be held to support for reaching three million renunciations from the CCP and for the Chinese people’s fight for freedom. The Epoch Times will hold an international seminar in English on The Nine Commentaries at the U.S. National Journalists Club in D.C. and around noon on July 22 there will be a large-scale rally supporting the resignations from the CCP.

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