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Four Million Resignations Will Mean Rapid Collapse
Jon Speller

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The “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" has already achieved an historically significant impact on the unstable, un-Chinese Communist regime in China, having already caused more than two million two hundred thousand resignations from the Chinese Communist Party and its other “apparat” organizations. When four million such resignations are reached anything can happen in China.

Using a rule of thumb evident during the Cold War against the Communist Soviet Union, it may be assumed that for every resignation there are tenfold as many who would like to do the same but for personal, family, career or resistance reasons do not do so. The membership of today’s Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is below 80 million. Thus, when four million resignations are reached, a majority of the membership of the CCP will be so disaffected that the whole system can readily collapse of its own contradictions and internal weaknesses.

The two important defections to Australia from the Chinese Communist security organs are another indication of major importance that the Chinese Communist regime is rapidly becoming a “paper tiger.” Defections from and disaffection within the Soviet security organs were similarly a valid sign for the impending collapse of the Soviet Communist Party dictatorship. Who knows better the shallowness of support for a Communist regime than those who monitor the resistance against it?

The Epoch Times have given the Chinese people the message that Chinese resistance to Communist ideology represents the true Chinese heritage, while the Communist regime, whether the Chinese Communist Party, the PRC or the PLA have reduced the face of the great Chinese nation into an unrepresentative morass reflecting badly on China's five thousand year old history.

The inner circles of the Chinese Communist “nomenklatura,” like their counterparts in the late Soviet Union, think that the big businessmen in the West will help save Communist China from collapse. It is true that, as Alexander I. Solzhenitsyn said, there were those “who would sell the rope to the communists with which to hang the Russian people.” But could those amoral forces save communism in Russia? The pages of history now speak for themselves. Those who are “selling the rope to the communists with which to hang the Chinese people” will rapidly exit the sinking ship of Red China, just as their counterparts did with the collapse of Red Russia.

The PLA professionals well know that the Communist system prevents China from being a global power, co-equal with the other gigantic democracies, the United States and the Russian Federation. The Army in Communist China is just an instrument for oppression against the majority of China’s huge population. Why shouldn’t the patriotic servicemen and women in the PLA throw off the shackles of the regime and become a true professional body loyal to a future democratic regime, respected throughout the world, rather than scorned as backward warlords and bandits?

China is blessed with millions of professional people of high standards in diverse disciplines. But rather than, as traditional Chinese culture demands, excellence serving to enable a person to rise to the top, the top of the apex in the Chinese Communist system is reserved for the primitive, the anachronistic, the uninformed and the brainwashed un-Chinese Red Mandarins. (The writer apologizes for using the term Mandarin for the CCP and government “apparatchiks,” which is an insult to the great Chinese nation, its people and their thousands of years of history as a centerpiece of global civilization.)

The spiritual dimension in China has been awakened again, to a significant degree through the charisma of Li Hongzhi and the example of millions of Falun Gong practitioners in China who refuse to kowtow to the un-Chinese type of persecutors in the Chinese Communist stable of gangsters.

The whole world knows that there was no greater philosopher recognized world wide than the great Chinese sage Confucius. The Chinese Communist regime has no mandate from heaven for it has reduced China into a living hell, and made the homeland of Confucius a disgrace in the rest of the world because of its corruption and tyranny, rather than the Celestial realm it should be.

But China will rise again before long. The days of power of the communist regime in China are before long to be over. The inevitable tide of the celestial wisdom so deep within the soul of the Chinese people is nearing its time to flood again. The imaginary “enemies of China” the Chinese Communist regime tries to use to rally the patriotism of China’s people around it are not a real threat to China. The real threat is the barbaric communist regime itself and its un-Chinese inhuman ideology.

“The West” did not win the Cold War against Red Russia; it was the Russian people who liberated themselves from communism. Similarly, "the West" will not win the Cold War against Red China; it will be the Chinese people who liberate themselves from communism, and the sooner the better.

During the dark days of the Cold War the writer arranged a quiet meeting in New York City between the late His Eminence Paul Cardinal Yu-Pin of China, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Nanking, and an Orthodox Christian monk from the catacombs of Eastern Europe. The Cardinal gave his blessings to the Orthodox Christians in the catacombs in Russia and Eastern Europe and the monk conveyed the feeling of solidarity of Orthodox Christians with the Chinese Catholics and Protestants in the catacombs of Communist China. The meeting was an historic moral bonding of support from the Western Christian Church in the East with the Eastern Christian Church in the West. The Western Church and the Eastern Church in the East of Europe are both now free from Communist tyranny.

Now it is the turn, not only for China’s Christians, but for all Chinese, to become free of communist tyranny in the great nation of China, so that a truly democratic world can be forged with a free China at its celestial center.

Jon Speller is the former editor of East Europe magazine.

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