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Toyota Australia Drives Environmental Reporting
Alfred Sinn

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Australia’s number one carmaker, Toyota, has released its yearly environmental performance report ahead of World Environment Day (last Sunday, June 5 2005).

The report highlights how Toyota significantly reduced waste, emissions, energy and water consumption throughout the company as well as improving the fuel consumption of Toyota vehicles.

Toyota Australia President Ted Okada said this Environment and Community Report was an important benchmark for the Australian auto industry.

“This report is the road map for how Toyota Australia is leading the industry to a more sustainable future from manufacturing to the boardroom to the showroom,” Mr Okada said.

“Reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations is critical to our future business success and the success of automotive industry as a whole.

“This is a shift in business thinking that is not unique to the automotive industry, but a shift, regardless of industry, that needs to be founded on tangible initiatives and improvements and not just the ‘PR’ value.”

Mr Okada said with 1,100 sales in 2004, the Prius hybrid vehicle was delivering this environmental alternative to customers.

“As customer demand for environmentally engineered vehicles such as the Prius continues to grow, Toyota Australia will look at releasing other hybrid vehicles into the Australian market.”

Toyota has been reporting environmental performance in manufacturing since 1998.

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