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About 1,590 Wild Giant Pandas Left in China
Central News Agency

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TAIPEI - Chen Runsheng, Secretary-General of China’s Wild Animal Protection Association, pointed out that giant pandas only live in the wild in Mainland China. According to the last wild giant panda census in the 1980’s, there may have been as few as 1,100 giant pandas left; while the third census, conducted from 1999 to 2004, indicated the number of wild giant pandas had increased to about 1,590.
On May 29, Xinmin Evening News quoted Chen Runsheng as saying that 24 national treasure giant pandas, national treasures of the Chinese people, have been designated as “overseas ambassadors.” Nine of them are in the US, six in Japan, three in Mexico, two in Germany, two in Austria and two in Thailand.

He said, because the Chinese Government strictly controls the number of giant pandas exported, there are only 17 giant pandas that have been provided for reproduction projects in cooperation with other countries, and several other giant pandas are the offspring of “overseas” pandas.

Chen said, at present there are 161 giant pandas inhabiting in human custody across the country, with two of them in Hong Kong.

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