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Famous Democracy Advocates Withdraw from CCP
Epoch Times

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At present, the “Global Service Center of Withdrawing from the CCP” has established branches and service stations in more than thirty main cities in the world. It is directly related to more than thirty provinces and cities in China, and effectively helps the Chinese people to withdraw from the CCP.

Many famous People such as Dai Xuewu in Mainland China have publicly withdrawn from the CCP.

The Communist Party started a large-scaled oppression of advocates of democracy in more than 20 provinces and cities, who supported the activity of “supporting one million people withdrawing from the CCP” in late April. However, there are still more than 20,000 people per day withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Communist Youth League (CYL), and the Communist Young Pioneers (CYP). The figure is more than one million and seven hundred thousand now. Xin Fei, The Epoch Times reporter, interviewed some famous advocates of democracy in China, Dai Xuewu (Shanghai), Guo Shaokun (Jiangsu), Yang Qinheng (Shanghai), Huang Yanming (Guizhou), Lu Yongxiang (Guizhou), on the morning of May 5 North American time.

Dai Xuewu: The “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” is well written. It is necessary to declare withdrawal from the CCP publicly.

The activity of withdrawing from the CCP is very significant. Though we have already chosen the way of democracy and have parted with the CCP, we made vows under the bloody flag of the CCP. We were deceived at that time, but now, we have new understandings. At last, we choose the road of democracy and freedom which will benefit all people. However, because of the vows we have made in the past, it is very necessary for us to declare publicly that we want to withdraw the vows.

I joined Little Red Guards, which is the present CYP. Because I have joined one of the CCP’s organizations, I think that I have to declare my withdrawal from it. I have to draw a definite line between the present me and the past little red guard of me.

The “Nine Commentaries” is written extremely well. Everything or every aspect of exposing the CCP in it is objective and truthful. It speaks with facts. We have known in the past the history of the opium business, the slaughter of the Chinese people, and the different means of deceiving people done by the CCP, but we have never systematically and logically researched it, and never exposed the evil nature of the CCP before.

Guo Shaokun: I deeply regret my naďve behavior of joining the CYL in my youth.

I served in the army for 10 years, and was a policeman for 18 years, but I have never joined the CCP. It’s not because I am prescient, but because I have never thought that this organization would have a good future. I worked hard and was dutiful for my country and people. I am crippled for life and was so awarded by the nation. However, I was illegally fired by the CCP. Afterwards, they never cared about my disability and life. It is clear that the CCP does not care for the welfare of the nation and the people, but only that of a few privileged organizations. I did not have any hope for the CCP a long time ago. I deeply regret the naďve behavior of joining the CYP and the CYL in my youth. I don’t have any hope for the CCP. Here I seriously declare that I resolutely withdraw from any organizations of CCP that I have joined before.

The 50 years of the rule of the CCP has brought enormous disasters to the Chinese nation and people. It is appropriate for people to withdraw from it. How can people support a political party which does not love the nation and people? Withdrawing from the CCP is an inevitable phenomenon in history.

Yang Qinheng: the activity of withdrawing from the CCP is great. We should give the “Nine Commentaries” a big thank-you.

I approve and support sponsors of the activity of withdrawing from the CCP. This activity is great. It is a completely peaceful and reasonable way. It is not easy to know the nature of the CCP and be awakened in this crucial time of history. It is hard to withdraw from it, especially people in China. The CCP does not respond to this activity superficially. However, inside the CCP, even on the basic level, it has taken the actions, such as “In-depth education on keeping the advanced nature of members of the Communist Party of China,” kidnaps, and arrests. Therefore, withdrawing from the CCP is an action that shows high morality, courage, and conscience.

When the “Nine Commentaries” was published, I read it at once. I thought it was very good, and predicted that it would cause large waves. However, I did not expect that it would arouse such a great tide of withdrawal from the CCP.

I was young and ignorant, so I made troubles in society with others. I am not sure whether I have joined the little red arms. If I have joined before, I seriously declare my withdrawal of it.

According to my observation and judgment, the reason why many people have been captured and sentenced recently may relate to the “Nine Commentaries” and the withdrawal of the CCP. The CCP is troubled by the “Nine Commentaries” very much. It must be like an ant on a hot pot. The anniversary of “the 1989 Tiananmen Square Democratic Movement” is approaching. Those plainclothes police and policemen will be busy again. I have asked the plainclothes, “The CCP is perishing. Why are you still bluffing and blustering?”

Huang Yanming: withdrawing from the CCP is an awakened and mature act.

I support the activity of withdrawing from the CCP. Choosing to withdraw from the CCP is an awakened and mature act. I support it very much. I have never joined any organizations of the CCP, because I have hated the CCP since I was a child.

The “Nine Commentaries” is written very well. It exposes how the CCP was established and its nature. The writers of the “Nine Commentaries” have a deep understanding of the CCP. All friends around me have read the “Nine Commentaries.” Many people in society automatically made CDs of the commentaries to give people. They are free of charge. Many common people have read it. I feel that many people are silently spreading the “Nine Commentaries.” People can read it on the Internet. It even appears on TV.

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