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Scientific and historical anomalies - Dragons, Part 1 of 3
Will Barkley, The Epoch Times

This [article] is intended to entertain you by exposing some of the more glaring scientific and historical anomalies which have been bypassed by our educational system. “Anomalies” also wants to challenge our readers to take a fresh look at our changing world and perhaps consider whether our established belief system is adequate.

What if…
The myths about dragons are not just myths, but true stories?

My wife and I recently watched a television special, Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real, created by the producers of the Animal Planet channel. It is an animated movie which was three years in the making. The link to their website is:
I think that you may find this an entertaining link to explore. The producers and consultants for the movie were very concerned with following the contemporary scientific paradigm in order to make Dragons more credible to their mainly occidental audience. I do not doubt the existence of dragons or their flight capabilities. However, because the Dragons movie crew chose to limit themselves to the contemporary scientific paradigm for credible explanations of the dragons’ abilities, they made a very embarrassing technical blunder.
In a previous Anomalies articles (#9, PK & Levitation) we mentioned events which have occurred in contradiction to the so-called “Law of Gravity.” There are also the gravity defying flight capabilities of some insects that have been reproduced by certain individuals which would, in my opinion, provide a more likely explanation of why dragons are able to fly. Be that as it may, the Dragons movie crew made the decision to stay on what they understood as “safe ground.” However, it is painfully obvious that the crew and consultants lack any technical understanding of the concepts of buoyancy and displacement.
Even though the movie specifically mentions the buoyant characteristics of balloons filled with helium, hydrogen and hot air, the dragons do not display the physical characteristic necessary to achieve that buoyancy, which is displacement. The movie states that the dragons evolved “flight bladders” which were filled with hydrogen generated by the animals’ gut bacteria. However, all the dragons in the movie and on the website display what I would call “normal sized” chests which would contain “normal sized” lungs. The creators of the movie would have us believe that just because there are a couple of cavities called “flight bladders” in the chest or abdomen of the dragons, they are somehow capable of flight. As I stated above, I believe that dragons are capable of flight. I am just embarrassed for the creators of this movie because of their totally incorrect explanation of how flight could be achieved due to the buoyancy created by hydrogen. It would have been so much better just to state that dragons have a flight capability that cannot be explained by contemporary scientific principles.
The movie states that the dragons existing in the Cretaceous period were the largest flying animal that ever existed, weighing up to a ton and with a wingspan of 35 feet. If we assume that a dragon’s wings and musculature are capable of lifting a load of one half ton (1000 pounds) then the remaining 1,000 pounds must be supported by the body’s buoyancy in air. Air weighs approximately 0.08 pounds per cubic foot. In order to make 1,000 pounds neutrally buoyant in air, 1000 pounds of air must be displaced, which is about 12,500 cubic feet. A balloon or sphere which is 29 feet in diameter will displace approximately that amount of air. Do we see any dragons among all the drawings, engravings and other artwork from around the world that are about 29 feet in diameter with a 35 foot wingspan? Not at all. We see slender animals that resemble serpents more than balloons.
I think that we should do further research into the phenomena of dragons. If you have any information on dragons that you believe might be interesting to “Anomalies” readers, please send me an email. Preference will be given to documented information. We can begin by looking at this website:

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