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An Old Revolutionary, a Party Member for Fifty Years, Announces His Withdrawal from the CCP
Feng Changle and Liudi

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From Shandong province, Liao city, Shen County, Eighteen-mile town, Dachang Zhuang village resident, and now over 70 years old, Cao Bingyan joined the army at 18, and became a member of the CCP at 22. This old revolutionary with 50 years membership solemnly decided today to quit the CCP as the number of withdrawals exceeds 1 million.
Cao Bingyan who is currently staying at the Beijing appeal village (A place where poor people who come to Beijing for appeal gather together) told his friend: “In Eighteen mile town Dachang village where I lived, the lives of farmers are getting harder and harder. Those old revolutionaries who had once obeyed the party wholeheartedly have lost their confidence in the party after witnessing and going through too many things. They have began to have doubts about the CCP especially in the years after reforms were introduced and the economy opened up, they saw the village party member act in blatant disregard of the law, bully men and seize women by force, as well as accept briberies, etc. The nature of the party has changed.

Gangsters, corrupt criminals, thieves and those that kidnap and trade women have joined the party and become village supervisors. They make use of their positions to win people over, offer official positions and uphold their own interests, disregarding the lives and deaths of farmers. They want only to give out land and reap the benfits whilst the farmers suffer silently. I simply cannot tolerate this.”

On 22nd June 2004, the wife of the village supervisor made a scene and beat Cao Bingyan who always stood on the side of truth and justice. She intentionally poured excrement on his head. The excrement flowed into his eyes and over his face. While his eyes were blinded, the village supervisor Chang Xinhua took the opportunity to grab his walking stick and viciously hit him in the back and waist. Finally, the supervisor used the walking stick to hit Cao in the eye. Cao Bingyan fainted on the road as a result of the heavy beating, his face covered in blood and excrement.

After the incident, the police station in Liao city examined Cao and testified: “Cao Bingyan’s face and right leg area are harmed by blunt force.”(Examination document No. 04291) The village supervisor had intentionally hurt someone yet he was not punished. Instead it turned out that beating up people was 'reasonable and legal'. For this reason, Cao Bingyan went to Beijing to appeal. When he saw many people were stopped from appealing and unreasonably beaten up and saw the illegal actions of officials in the law enforcement system, Cao Bingyan was very disheartened. After he understood the true nature of the CCP, he resolutely decided to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party of which he has been a member for half a century.

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