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Thousands Rally in Support of One Million Withdrawals from the CCP
Tim McDevitt

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NEW YORK - “There is a wheel of justice in the world- and it is at last turning in favor of the Chinese people!” said Timothy Cooper, executive director of the World Rights Group Saturday.

On Foley Square, the smiling faces of several thousand supporters of democracy in China chanted in unison, “Quit the CCP” and “Shame on China!”

They waved signs reading: “Bright Sun Shine on China When CCP Shadow is Gone!”

Since The Epoch Times published “The Nine Commentaries on The Communist Party” in November, the rate of those voluntarily quitting the CCP is increasing daily. Websites, phone lines, and drop-in service centers have been set up by The Epoch Times to facilitate those who wish to publicly renounce their membership in any of the CCP’s organizations. The total number of withdrawals from the CCP, Communist Youth League, and Young Pioneers has now exceeded one million.

Rally speakers representing eleven different human rights and pro-democracy groups all shared a positive vision of hope for a new day in China. John Patrick from The China Support Network called the day “a harbinger of change.” “China will never be the same after today,” he said, advocating for “a revolution without war, a peaceful non-violent revolution- with no more killing!”

Some of the speakers shared openly the years of suffering they experienced under the CCP’s regime. Xu Wenli, a pioneer for democracy in China, spoke openly of his belief in a free China, a belief for which he has paid dearly. He was imprisoned in China for 17 years for having expressed the same simple belief in freedom in his homeland.

Following the rally, which included skits, songs, and impassioned speeches, the group marched through Chinatown behind the banner “A Grand Parade for Freedom and Democracy in China- in support of over one million people withdrawing from the CCP.”

Romanians, Poles, Russians, Swedes, Germans, Spaniards, and others from across the globe, both those who have experienced the grim realities of life under communist rule, and those who cherish freedom everywhere, walked in support of the move to democracy in China. It was a peaceful and joyous affair, with the marchers sharing their hope for a new day in China with the merchants and locals of Chinatown.

Following the parade, many of the marchers continued on for a long walk to the Chinese consulate on 42nd St. to appeal for the rights of Chinese people, and to support the mass withdrawal from the CCP.

Part of a simultaneous global effort, similar peaceful rallies were held in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

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