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Taiwan 2012: What the Communist invasion plan says about Communist China
D.J. McGuire, Special to The Epoch Times

For years, the halls of power in the Western world were filled with arguments and questions about Communist China’s plans for Taiwan. Would they invade, or can they be convinced to accept a peaceful resolution? Those days are over. Thanks to an unnamed cadre who was willing who tipped off The Epoch Times (, the world now knows: Communist China will invade Taiwan at a time of the regime’s choosing—and for now, it has chosen 2012.

The significance of this information cannot be underestimated. The invasion plan blows the lid off several arguments for “engagement” with the Communists—that offering them gifts like the Olympics will make the regime behave better, that the elected Taiwanese government can somehow appease the regime, and that the Communists are moving away from dictatorship. Thanks to the aforementioned anonymous cadre, these “engagement” theories have all been proven false.

First among them is the notion that the 2008 Olympics will make Communist China a better-behaved power in the world. The plan makes clear the Olympics have one purpose: “to further arouse Chinese people’s patriotism and prepare for attacking Taiwan.” Clearly, any nation who participates in the 2008 Games will repeat the same mistakes as the participants of the 1936 Berlin Games—they will hand a criminal, despotic regime a propaganda gold mine to justify unleashing the dogs of war. Any nation planning to send athletes to Beijing in 2008 should, if they love liberty, announce immediately that, painful as it may be, their athletes will stay home.

Secondly, the plan casts aside the notion that the Taiwanese people could “provoke” the Communists into attacking. The cadres’ plans for the invasion were formulated “to resolve conflicts inside China, no matter whether Taiwan announces independence or not.” This should be remembered by those who would peddle “one country, two systems,” or would force the Taiwanese people to accept second-tier status in the world stage. If Taiwan cannot control how the Communists see it, why should we continue to let the Communists control how we see the island democracy and its desire for the recognition it deserves?

Finally, and most importantly, the plan reveals the insidious nature of the regime toward its own people. For years, many analysts have argued that Communist China would look to conflict outside its borders in order to deflect attention from the massive corruption and poverty in the areas under its control. Now, that view is painfully justified. The Communists’ plans for the mainland during the 2012 invasion of Taiwan—called the “Emergency Act”—are highly ambitious: “the CCP could confiscate private property, especially people’s savings, to resolve its financial and economic crises,” “Eliminate the groups inside China that the CCP deems ‘anti-government forces,’ such as Falun Gong, unofficial churches, human rights activists, advocates for Tibetan independence, advocates for the independence of Xinjian (East Turkestan), and intellectuals,” and “Arouse Chinese people’s patriotism through the Emergency Act in order to resolve the unemployment issue.” In other words, the Communists aren’t just planning to eliminate the island democracy of Taiwan, they are looking to stamp out any and all forms of autonomy on the mainland. All of the “progress” cited by “engagement” supporters over the last twenty years will vanish in an instant.

Now that the secret is out, the United States and her allies must act accordingly. The Communists have revealed their plans to wipe out one of the leading democracies in Asia in order to return to the iron-fisted days of Mao. Can we really expect them to stop there? Communist China has reeled in political and religious dissidents through shock-repressive measures in every decade of its existence. How long before the cadres decide they need another “emergency” and where would the flashpoint be? The Sekaku Islands? The Spratlys? Korea? Central Asia? The Indian province of Arunachal Pradesh?

We now know the Communists’ talk of peace, harmony, and human rights for their own people are patently false. We now know the Communists have nothing but contempt for their own people, and see lovers of liberty as their enemies. It is time we take this to heart, and work to contain and isolate Communist China abroad, while undermining it from within.

Abraham Lincoln once said of America, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The Chinese Communist Party has decided the same thing about Taiwan and the mainland—they will both be free, or they will both be under Communist control. Taiwan’s friends in the West—particularly in America—will decide through their actions, or lack thereof, which one they will be.

D.J. McGuire is President and Co-Founder of the China e-Lobby, and the author of Dragon in the Dark: How and Why Communist China Helps Our Enemies in the War on Terror.

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