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Woman claims doctors harvested her organs for illegal transplants and killed her husband
Feng Changle, The Epoch Times

Doctors are expected to be guided by humanitarian concepts, exemplifying goodness and purity. The deeds of doctors at the Shenzhen Second People's Hospital in China, however, are a terrifying example of just the opposite.

Liver Transplant Required

In her petition to the government, "An Inhuman Experiment On a Living Human Body," Yang Jie says:

"Yang Jie, born in Xianyang, Xi'an, is 40 years old. Her husband, Cui Jianjun, was a worker at the China Railway Industry Shenzhen Branch. In July 2003, her husband was urgently rushed to Shenzhen Second People's Hospital because his liver was aching when he worked. His doctor diagnosed acute peritonitis, associated with the latter stages of liver cirrhosis, among other things.

"Yang Jie was informed by the doctor, 'Your husband needs thorough treatment. His liver has to be transplanted. The hospital will look for a liver for him, and it will cost about (US$ 30,193.24 to 42,270.53). We will have livers available in August. We require $ 12,077.29 in advance.'"

Yang Jie wrote in her petition: "The expense of this treatment was an astronomical figure to me. I did not have the money. And I was not sure whether my husband's illness was so serious that he had to have his liver transplanted! I queried the doctors about this. However, they avoided talking about his illness but frequently asked me whether the money had been prepared, and whether I agreed to the operation. I could not make a decision."

'If You Can Transplant 1/3 of Your Liver to Your Husband '

She continued: "I was still not satisfied by September. I asked the doctors about the survival rate for the operation. One doctor said, 'He has cirrhosis of the liver. The best time to do the operation is now. If you miss this prime opportunity for treatment, we cannot guarantee anything. If you can transplant 1/3 of your liver to your husband, his life can be prolonged, because transplanting a live liver is much better. If his liver isn't transplanted, he can live one more year at most. I promise that your husband will live two more years after the operation. Some people even live for 30 more years in foreign countries. The hospital places much importance on this operation.' We made the decision after having discussed it many times."

Husband's Body Stripped of Organs

"On the morning of Sept. 6, my husband and I were both sent to the operating room. When I woke up, it was already Sept. 10. I asked the doctor how my husband was. He said, 'The surgery was very successful. He is in an observation room. You can see each other in a few days.'

"In order to express my gratitude, I even asked a reporter from Shenzhen television station to report the humanitarianism of the doctors in Shenzhen Second People's Hospital. The television station praised me on television on Sept. 11.

"On Sept. 12, I was sent to my husband's room by a nurse. When I saw him, he was dead. His body was too ghastly to look at. His head and face were twisted. His bloody eyes were covered with swabs. His eye corneas had been taken away. His chest was cut open and the organs were all gone. He was wrapped in cotton wool."

'We have transplanted 7/10 of your liver to others.'

"I asked the doctor, 'Where is my liver? Why wasn't it transplanted to my husband? You killed him!' Doctor Wang said, 'Your husband could not undergo the transplant operation. We transplanted 7/10 of your liver to others. We have paid the expenses of your hospitalization for you.'

"In February, I had an ultrasound to confirm that the doctors had in fact removed the right lobe of my liver, the liver artery, the veins, gallbladder, and bile duct."

Doctors Implied They Would Donate Husband's Organs

"As to the reason for my husband's eye corneas and other organs being missing, the doctors had implied before the operation, 'Some people donate organs such as the eye corneas of their family members after they have died.' I did not notice his implication, because they had promised me that my husband could live two more years after the transplant operation. Nobody explicitly told me that. How could it occur to me that he would die?

"On Sept. 6, the day of the surgery, I remember that the doctor had me sign something after injecting me with anesthetic. I did not know what I had signed. Afterwards, they did not confirm whether I had signed anything. I know some people steal and sell organs in society, but I wasn't aware that this hospital did such a trade."

If I Die, I Will Die in Front of Tiananmen

"I have suffered so much illness that I no longer have the courage to live on. My son has grown up. He studies law at the University of Political Science & Law. Let him bring justice to me in the future. My intention was to save my husband. Who could have known that I would not only lose my husband, but also suffer so much! They killed my husband on the operating table. I have nowhere to appeal this injustice. Who can do me justice? I don't even know who my liver and other organs were given to.

I went to Beijing to appeal, but was sent to different places by the Government Offices of Appeals. On Chinese New Year's Eve, I was detained for 12 hours by the police office, and then sent to Beijing South Station. After all that, I was thinking very clearly that even if I die, I will die in front of Tiananmen. I also want to appeal to the World Health Organization for justice."

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