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Cricket pitch in Kochi all set to host Indo-Pak stars

Kochi: Officials from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Friday visited the Jawaharlal Nehru International stadium in Kochi, for a final inspection of the pitch and the outfield where the first Indo-Pak one-day cricket match is to be played on April 2. The BCCI pitches and grounds committee chairman Venkat Sundaram said that the pitch and the outfield is looking perfect and is in accordance with the international standards. He also congratulated the chief Pitch Curators Kasturirangan and Ramachandran for their best effort to make it a world class standard within a very short period. "I must say the ground is looking perfect. The ground is very even and very green. I think the ground is also befit for the one-day international match between the two good teams. The viewers on TV and spectators can look forward to an exciting game between two highly talented teams and I think the local association and the curators Kasturi Rangan and others have to be congratulated on their efforts they have put in to ensure that the ground facilities and playing facilities are world class. I hope we will have an exciting match and I look forward to a good game," said Venkat Sundaram, Pitches and Ground Chairman, BCCI.

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