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The Great Wall of Chinese Communism collapses
The Epoch Times

Over the past months the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been for the first time facing mass public resignations of its members in protest of the regime’s continuing abuse of power. As of 14 March over a quarter of a million Chinese citizens had publicly renounced their membership and this number is increasing with over 15,000 withdrawals per day.
Such withdrawals from the CCP is directly in response to the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party which reveals the CCP’s continuing use of violence, corruption and lies to maintain control.

Da Ji Yuan, the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times, released this report in November 2004 via its website and worldwide newspaper service.

The Chinese Communist Party generally does not permit its members to leave without punishment. Indeed in China, for individuals to break the Internet blockade and download the “Nine Commentaries” is in itself illegal. In the past, there might be muted discussions within the Party about who had been expelled, but to renounce one's Party membership in a public manner was almost unheard of. What is now occurring in China is unprecedented. Even knowing that those who publicly renounce their CCP membership face possible persecution it has not stemmed the resignations placed on the The Epoch Times website, (, which has been made available to individuals wanting to make public their resignation.

In the initial month after “Nine Commentaries” was released the number of withdrawals from the Party reached 6,459. In the second month, the number reached 75,541 and then in the following month the number of people who withdrew from the CCP increased dramatically. The highest number of a daily resignations peeked at over 20,000. Now the total number of people who have resigned from the CCP exceeds 260,000. Former U.S. Vice Assistant Secretary of State Mark Palmer remarked that the moment the number of people who had withdrawn their membership from the CCP reached 100,000 it was a milestone in Chinese history.

For every Party member who succeeds in breaking through the Internet blockade and posting their resignation on the Nine Commentaries site, the question remains how many dozens, or hundreds or thousands more silently agree? Also on the website ordinary Chinese post messages telling the stories of what they and their families have endured under the CCP. Government officials have also posted secret documents, helping detail further the story told in “Nine Commentaries.” Commentators believe if this trend continues, the CCP will go the way of its Soviet counterpart, and the people of China will have an opportunity to live in a free society.

As the number of people who want to dissociate themselves from the regime increases, sources close to the CCP say that the sense of crisis within the party intensifies daily. In response, the CCP has put a strict ban on the Nine Commentaries, while at the same time exerting pressure on its members to support the “maintaining advancement” movement. It is trying to maintain its eroding support base.

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